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Will My Physical Condition Return To The State Before I Stopped Taking NMN?

Aug 23, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

After using NMN, the first obvious reaction of most people is the improvement of sleep quality, and then gradually the body has some obvious feelings, and there are many effects that will gradually feel better, such as improving energy and improving skin condition. Wait.

So, will my physical condition return to the state before I stopped taking NMN?

Sleep, mental state, and improved skin that have been regulated will not get worse just because you don't eat.

NMN is just a dietary supplement, it is a supplement to the body, and its comprehensive effect is relatively slow. It is not something that takes effect after eating like a stimulant.

Moreover, NMN is a substance that exists in the human body. The composition is mild, and scientific experiments have proved that NMN will not have side effects on the human body.

Many vegetables in our daily life contain NMN, but only in very small amounts, and it is relatively slow to replenish.

Table 1: content of NMNin naturalfoods

The purpose of people eating NMN is to increase the level of NAD+ in the body after supplementing NMN, and then exert its effect through NAD+, an important coenzyme. There is scientific experimental data showing that after taking NMN, the supplemented foreign NMN will be directly absorbed and converted into NAD+ by cells, and other physiological activities will not be affected during the conversion process, but it will be done in one step.

At the same time, NAD+ is a coenzyme of hundreds of enzymes in the human body and participates in many physiological activities. Once transformed, it will be used quickly and then have an effect on the human body. This kind of effect that has been produced is scientific, and it will not disappear and return to its original state because you stop eating and interrupt it.

Of course, the effects that have been produced such as improving sleep will not be eliminated, and the well-regulated biological clock will not change, but the effects of anti-aging will definitely gradually decline. After all, anti-aging is a continuous work. If you can always help anti-aging as long as you eat NMN for a period of time, it will definitely not work.

The main function of NMN is to delay aging and anti-aging. After not eating NMN, with the development of time, the NAD+ content in the human body will continue to decrease according to the original speed, that is to say, the human body will still follow the natural speed. Slowly getting old, there is no way to stop this.

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