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Advantages of NMN

Jun 27, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

The full name of NMN is β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, which is the precursor for the synthesis of NAD+ in the human body. Because NAD+ is the coenzyme of hundreds of important metabolic enzymes in cells, and participates in many important cellular processes as a signal molecule, it is related to energy metabolism, Activities such as glycolysis and DNA replication are closely related.

The function of NAD+ is to promote the metabolism of sugar, fat and amino acid, maintain various longevity proteins, enhance human cell reproduction and DNA repair ability, so as to achieve the purpose of improving body function, preventing chronic diseases, and making the human body younger in terms of energy and complexion. .

To put it simply, the effect of NMN is realized by synthesizing NAD+. NMN can increase the level of NAD+ in the body, and NMN can increase NAD+, which has the advantages of non-toxic side effects and high conversion efficiency.

Advantages of NMN to increase NAD+:

1. Absorbed intact through the digestive system

2.2~3 minutes into the blood circulation

3. Increase the NMN content in the tissue within 15 minutes

4. Rapidly increase the level of NAD+ in blood, liver and other organs


Scientific efficacy of NMN:

1. Delay the aging of the body, prevent the "aging disease" caused by aging, and improve the skin, hair, metabolism and other indicators of the organism;

2. Helps improve metabolic disorders in the body

3. Heart function is strengthened

4. May Support Brain Health

5. Improve the body's immunity and even have the potential to prevent new coronary pneumonia

6. Helps in weight control and weight loss

7. It has the function of kidney anti-aging

8. It can improve the physical fitness and energy of biological sports

9. Helps to improve eyesight

10. It can prevent age-related metabolic diseases such as diabetes and fatty liver.

All in all, NMN can significantly improve various chronic symptoms caused by aging in the human body and help the human body maintain a youthful state.

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