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NMN and geriatric diseases

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As early as 2013, the scientific research team of Professor David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School discovered that oral intake of NMN, a NAD+ precursor that naturally exists in the body, can effectively increase the NAD+ content in cells, thus playing an anti-aging effect.


What specific geriatric diseases can NMN deal with?

1.Delay osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the most common metabolic bone disease in the elderly. The incidence rate in people over 65 years old is 15% to 50%. There is 1 in 3 postmenopausal women. Before the age of 80, the incidence rate in women About 4 times that of men.

In a study from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, two scientists discovered through a large number of experiments that NMN's long-term activation ability of sirt1 protein can effectively delay the development of osteoporosis. After 7 days of NMN treatment, the experimental stem cells' differentiation ability and bone-building function increased significantly.

2. Weight control and weight loss

An important reason why older people tend to gain weight is changes in metabolism. As people age, the efficiency of the digestive system tends to decrease, resulting in more energy being stored in the body in the form of fat.

Okabe and colleagues from the University of Toyama in Japan published an article in "Frontiers of Cell and Developmental Biology" showing that NAD + is a core molecule of metabolism and plays a crucial role in the development of mature fat. "Our study uncovers a new role for NAD+ biosynthesis in adipogenesis and suggests a novel therapeutic approach to combat obesity," the researchers said in the article.

In addition, in 2017, a team led by Professor Margaret J. Morris of the University of New South Wales School of Medicine found that NMN can also effectively improve hereditary obesity. Moreover, NMN has a better effect on liver fat catabolism and anabolism than exercise.

3. Prevent three highs and diabetes

NMN mainly inhibits and reverses atherosclerosis by supplementing NAD+, allowing foam cells to gradually restore the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels, thereby restoring blood vessel elasticity. At the same time, it prevents the re-formation of thrombus through anti-inflammatory effects, opens blocked collateral circulation, expands blood volume, and thereby continuously and slowly lowers blood pressure.

In 2016, research by Dr. Kelly L. Stromsdorfer of Washington University School of Medicine and others found that reduced NAD+ levels in adipose tissue of obese and aged mice were related to severe insulin resistance in multiple organs. Adding NMN to the drinking water of mice whose inactivation of a specific enzyme causes insulin resistance reverses insulin resistance and reduces plasma free fatty acid concentrations.

The key to lowering blood sugar is insulin. If the pancreatic islet cells are destroyed and cause insulin secretion disorder, it will easily cause diabetes. NMN can stimulate insulin activity and strengthen the decomposition of fat and polysaccharides, so NMN can effectively prevent the three highs and reduce diabetes. risk of disease.

4. Prevent cardiovascular disease

To test this, Professor Shinichiro Imai and several other scientists conducted an experiment to improve heart function. In the experiment, a large number of elderly mice were administered NMN for 8 weeks. By comparing the data, it was found that the cardiac function of the experimental mice showed an all-round improvement. Not only were the contraction and relaxation abilities restored, but cardiac hypertrophy was also completely eliminated. Moreover, mitochondrial basal respiration and proton leakage in cardiomyocytes all showed significant improvements.

Dr. Liu Qiming, director of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Central South University, also verified this and led a team to publish a review article in the journal Clinica Chimica Acta, pointing out that "supplementing and stabilizing NAD+ levels in the body is currently one of the best ways to treat cardiovascular diseases."

5. Improve insomnia and other sleep problems

Staying up late has become a recognized problem for contemporary people. Data from our country alone shows that the average time for people to fall asleep in 2020 has exceeded 12 p.m., and 30% of people sleep less than six hours a day, and the data is still increasing year by year. The biological clock disorder caused by staying up late and the aging of organs has become a difficult problem in the health industry.

Until the scientific research team of Northwestern University in the United States discovered the repair effect of NMN on the damage caused by staying up late through the ingestion of NMN on experimental rats for eight months. This experiment proved that NMN may be directly involved in the maintenance and regulation of the circadian clock and can repair the losses caused by various circadian clock disorders.

6. Treat Alzheimer’s disease and prevent memory loss

Alzheimer's disease, commonly known as dementia, is one of the undisputed biggest problems in the medical community today. In the past few years, academic circles have been committed to research on this disease, but there has been no major breakthrough. It was not until May 2020 that a team from China Medical University discovered the close connection between Alzheimer's disease and NAD+ levels in the brain, giving hope for a cure for the disease.

After the experimenters injected NMN into experimental rats for five weeks, the NAD+ addition in the nerve cells of the experimental rats increased significantly, and the number of nerve cell death in the brain was significantly reduced. In the subsequent experimental behaviors, the rats' mobility and memory were significantly enhanced, and their overall cognitive ability was significantly improved.

Researchers said: Although there is currently no evidence that NMN can completely cure Alzheimer's disease. However, due to its excellent neuroprotective ability, it may become an excellent preventive method for various neurodegenerative diseases in the future.

7. Improve vision problems

Restoring NAD+ levels with NMN can prevent photoreceptor cell degeneration and thereby restore vision. Four weeks after the experimental team injected NMN into mice with impaired NAD+ biosynthesis, they found that retinal function was significantly restored compared with untreated mice.

NMN rescues retinal degeneration by preventing retinal tissue loss, and the effect is more obvious than lutein. Treated mice were more resistant to light and retained retinal function.

8. Enhance immunity

In the process of changing from middle age to old age, the body's immune ability gradually declines, making people more susceptible to illness and more difficult to recover from illness. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, good news about NMN curing COVID-19 patients has been reported frequently. Studies have found that NAD+ levels in the human body play an important role in regulating immune responses and inflammation during aging. This study highlights the therapeutic potential of NMN for immune dysfunction.

9. Alleviate depression

The mechanism of NMN itself does not directly target depression, but after NMN increases NAD+ levels, it can promote blood supply to the brain and help alleviate the problem of reduced blood supply to the brain in patients with depression.

NAD+ can also increase the activity of dopamine cells, enhance cell excitability and tolerance, thereby helping to improve the mood of depressed people. Medically, there is a plan to inject NAD+ for patients with anxiety disorders, which also provides energy support.

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