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Six major functions of NMN on the human body

Sep 19, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN is used to produce NAD+, which provides our cells with the energy they need. Lack of cellular energy is a fundamental factor in the aging process, as is genetic instability caused by DNA damage. NAD+ plays a key role in activating enzymes that maintain DNA integrity, thereby promoting genetic stability. Given its central role in these cellular processes, the potential benefits of using NMN to enhance NAD+ could extend to nearly all body systems.


1. Improve brain function

Perhaps one of the most worrisome age-related diseases is Alzheimer's disease, which causes patients to lose their memory abilities. NMN has been shown to improve cognition and reduce plaque and neurodegeneration in rodents with Alzheimer's disease. Although Alzheimer's disease is a terminal disease, many older adults also face cognitive impairment and are unable to learn, remember and think properly. NMN prevents the onset of age-related cognitive impairment. Sometimes cognitive impairment is related to depression, and studies have also confirmed that NMN can alleviate depressive symptoms in mice.

As we age, our blood vessels become dysfunctional, which affects the blood supply to the brain and leads to cognitive impairment. NMN has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain and improve cognitive function. A stroke may occur when a blood vessel in the brain becomes clogged, causing damage to brain tissue. NMN not only delays the onset of stroke, but also prevents damage caused by stroke and improves cognitive performance and mitochondrial health after stroke.

2. Restore blood vessel health

Our blood vessels deliver vital nutrients to every cell. As we age, blood vessels become stiff and prone to blockage, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. NMN has been shown to reverse aging blood vessels in mice by restoring their elasticity. As we age, senescent cells (i.e., accumulation of cells that have nearly arrested growth) contribute to the aging of multiple organ systems, including the vascular system. In mice, NMN prevented vascular aging and the accumulation of senescent cells, reducing symptoms of hypertension. Senescent cells accelerate aging by promoting inflammation, which underlies nearly all age-related diseases. NMN has been shown to reverse vascular dysfunction by reducing inflammation in blood vessels.

3. Improve muscle function

We rely on skeletal muscles for movement, stability, and strength. As we age, our muscles lose the ability to regenerate and grow, leading to the age-related loss of muscle strength and size known as sarcopenia. As muscles weaken, we also tire more easily and our physical endurance decreases. NMN appears to reverse these conditions, as one of its transporters has been shown to increase strength and physical endurance in mice. In addition, clinical experiments have proven that NMN can also improve muscle strength and performance in elderly men, and improve oxygen utilization and exercise endurance in middle-aged runners.

4. Promote heart health

As we age, our hearts become more susceptible to irregular heartbeats, which can lead to serious consequences such as heart failure. NMN has been shown to prevent the development of heart failure in mice. Our heart tissue is valuable because it cannot regenerate. Instead, damaged heart tissue can form scarring (fibrosis), leading to cardiac dysfunction. NMN restores heart function by reducing scar formation. At the same time, the heart beats constantly and requires a lot of energy, so it needs healthy mitochondria. NMN improves cardiac metabolism and prevents heart failure, in part by restoring mitochondrial vitality.

Our heart is part of the cardiovascular system and carries oxygenated blood to other organs. When blood vessels around our heart become clogged, nearby tissue becomes damaged and dies from lack of oxygen. This is called ischemia and often leads to a heart attack. Studies have found that NMN can protect the heart from ischemic damage. This protective effect can be further enhanced when combined with stem cell therapy and melatonin.

5.Adjuvant immunotherapy

One of the latest and promising treatments is called immunotherapy, which uses immune cells to suppress tumor growth. Although immunotherapy is not perfect, NMN has been shown to enhance the killing of multiple types of tumors in rodents, including natural killer cell therapy, CAR-T cell therapy, and PD-1-mediated therapy.

While immunotherapy is expected to become a treatment option in the near future, currently chemotherapy is still widely used and comes with many side effects. NMN has been shown to reduce these unwanted side effects, such as reducing the occurrence of heart tissue damage and cognitive impairment.

6. Prevent obesity and diabetes

Obesity is associated with a range of metabolic defects, including insulin resistance, the inability of cells to utilize glucose, leading to the development of diabetes. Mitochondria are the intracellular destinations that convert the food we eat into energy and play a critical role in metabolism and related diseases. Studies have proven that NMN can double the number of mitochondria in the livers of obese mice, thereby preventing the occurrence of obesity. In addition, by stimulating lipolysis, NMN also helps obese people lose excess fat. In addition, NMN also improves the metabolism and health status of obese people.

Overeating and obesity wreak havoc on our metabolism and can lead to the development of diabetes. Aging makes both conditions more severe. Research shows that NMN has been shown to reverse diabetes caused by diet and age and prevent diabetes-related kidney disease and neuronal degeneration, suggesting that NMN has the potential to prevent these metabolic disorders. Additionally, NMN has been shown to improve muscle insulin sensitivity in older women. Therefore, although it is important to adhere to lifestyle adjustments such as exercise and healthy eating, NMN can prevent the development of obesity and diabetes.

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