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Skin care efficacy and whitening mechanism of glutathione

Jun 25, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Glutathione is a small molecular oligopeptide widely present in animals, plants and microorganisms, and is one of the most important non-protein sulfhydryl compounds in organisms. It comes in two forms: reduced glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG). Reduced glutathione exists in large quantities in organisms and plays a major role.

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Glutathione has important effects on the skin and the various cells in it.

Whitening Mechanism of Glutathione

1. Glutathione can reduce tyrosinase activity.

2. Glutathione interferes with the cellular transfer of tyrosinase to the premelanosome.

3. Glutathione has a strong antioxidant capacity and can remove reactive oxygen species produced in epidermal cells induced by ultraviolet radiation.

Skin care benefits of glutathione

1. Whitening and lightening spots: Glutathione has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can reduce melanin in cells into light pigments, inhibit the formation of spots, prevent skin aging and pigmentation, and reduce the formation of melanin.

2. Anti-oxidation: remove free radicals in the human body, protect the sulfhydryl groups in many molecules such as proteins and enzymes, and prevent them from being oxidized by harmful substances.

Thereby ensuring the normal function of molecular physiological functions such as proteins and enzymes, improving the skin's antioxidant capacity and making the skin shiny.

3. Anti-allergic: It can correct the imbalance of acetylcholine and cholinesterase to play an anti-allergic effect.

4. Anti-aging: It can effectively delay cell aging, accelerate cell regeneration and delay the aging process of people.

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