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When is the best time to take NMN?

Jun 08, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is the precursor of the cofactor NAD+ of the longevity protein in the human body, and its function is mainly reflected by NAD+, which is an indispensable coenzyme for hundreds of enzyme proteins in the human body, including longevity enzyme proteins Components dominate hundreds of life activities in the human body.

NAD+ is an important metabolite associated with aging and aging-related neurodegeneration.

As we age, NAD+ levels in our bodies continue to decline, leading to problems ranging from DNA repair defects to mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation.

Because the molecular weight of NAD+ is too large, it cannot be directly absorbed by the human body, and the activity is too high, the molecule is unstable, and artificial synthesis is difficult.

Therefore, the current supplementation of NAD+ mainly relies on the precursor substances of NAD+.

NMN is the most direct precursor for the synthesis of NAD+. NAD+ in the body can be quickly replenished by supplementing NMN, and studies have confirmed that supplementing NMN can extend the telomeres and repair DNA of mice.


NMN is undoubtedly the star of anti-aging supplements, both in scientific research and in the consumer market.

Every year, a large number of NMN anti-aging studies are published in internationally renowned journals, showing various improvement effects.

Human clinical trials have proved that a single oral administration of 100, 250, and 500 mg of NMN will not cause side effects such as blushing and gastrointestinal reactions, and NMN will be efficiently metabolized by the human body without causing any obvious harmful effects.

Therefore, oral NMN is considered to be the best way to supplement NAD+.

So when is the best time to take NMN?

A study based on biological clock data simulation believes that the NAD+ metabolism level and SIRT1 activity in cells will peak at noon every day, so the utilization of NAD+ at noon is the highest. However, because each person's work and rest time and biological clock are different, the specific situation varies from person to person.

Another clinical study on the elderly shows that eating NMN in the afternoon can more effectively relieve the fatigue and drowsiness of the elderly in the afternoon.

In addition, there are also many clinical studies of NMN taken in the morning, which also showed positive effects.

To sum up, you can choose to take NMN from morning to afternoon according to your own situation. Since the energy level of cells increases after taking NMN, it will make people energetic, so it is not recommended to take it at night.

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