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API ≠ intermediate, what is the relationship between the two?

Mar 03, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

The specific substances of the two are different. Pharmaceutical intermediates are also called organic pharmaceutical intermediates,Intermediate API which refer to a kind of semi-finished product,Intermediate API which is a kind of product in the production of certain products. The bulk drug refers to the active ingredient of the drug,Intermediate API and it is also the basic substance that constitutes the pharmacological action of the drug. API is a kind of pharmaceutical active substance prepared by chemical synthesis,Intermediate API plant extraction or biotechnology.

The production of APIs must rely on intermediates: a pharmaceutical intermediate is a chemical raw material or a chemical product in the drug synthesis process,Intermediate API and is also an intermediate product in the production of APIs. It is a product in the synthesis of APIs. The raw material produced in the process steps must undergo the next step of molecular change or refinement to become a substance of the raw material. The API can be directly used as a preparation,Intermediate API and the intermediate can only be used to synthesize the next product,Intermediate API and the API can be manufactured through the intermediate.

Production requirements are different. Pharmaceutical intermediates are intermediate products in the process of producing APIs. Therefore,Intermediate API pharmaceutical intermediates can be produced in ordinary chemical plants. If you want to produce APIs,Intermediate API you need to obtain a production license for APIs before they can start production.

In summary,Intermediate API reliable pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs are two completely different substances. The production of pharmaceutical intermediates is relatively low,Intermediate API while the production of APIs needs to meet a higher production threshold. If you want to make APIs,Intermediate API you must have appropriate pharmaceutical intermediates as raw materials.


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