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Citicoline Sodium Capsules for Amblyopia

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Amblyopia (amblyopia) is a relatively common ophthalmic disease in clinic, and it is a common disease that occurs during visual development. According to the disease type, it can be divided into anisometropia, strabismus, form deprivation, refractive error and congenital amblyopia.

Citicoline Sodium Capsules for Amblyopia

3-4 years old is a critical period for the plasticity of human vision development, and 7-10 years old is a sensitive period for the plasticity of vision development. Providing effective vision correction for children in the two stages of the critical period and the sensitive period is of great significance for improving vision problems. Amblyopia is a visual impairment caused by uncorrected anisometropia and high refractive errors in the developmental stage of vision due to uncorrected monocular strabismus. Amblyopia is a common disease in children's development. The main hazard is that it will lead to low vision and visual impairment in children. In the treatment of amblyopia, early detection and active intervention are emphasized. According to research, about 85% of children with the disease can be completely cured between the ages of 3 and 6. If the child is over 6 years old, the treatment rate will be reduced, and it may lead to lifelong visual impairment, which will not only affect the health of the child, but also cause a waste of social resources. Amblyopia is a common cause of vision problems in children and is also an important cause of vision loss in one eye in adults.

Citicoline Sodium Capsules for Amblyopia

Amblyopia can seriously affect vision development and cause difficulty seeing. Common clinical symptoms of amblyopia include retardation or stagnation of optic nerve development, abnormal vision and refraction, and eye movement disorders. If a child develops amblyopia, immediate treatment is required.

Although the prevalence of amblyopia continues to increase, the research on the treatment of the disease is also improving. At present, the common treatment method is to wear glasses combined with daily training and other methods of correction, but the overall effect is poor, and the children are young and have poor compliance, resulting in poor treatment effect. Citicoline Sodium Capsules is a common drug for the treatment of nervous system diseases. In recent years, Citicoline Sodium capsules have achieved certain results in the treatment of amblyopia.


In recent years, some scholars have found that drug treatment can better improve the curative effect. The important mechanism of visual impairment in amblyopia is visual inhibition. Citicoline is a drug that nourishes the nerves. Citicoline Sodium Tablets are suitable for children, and the drug treatment for children has strong compliance and high feasibility. With the research on amblyopia treatment, the clinic is more inclined to use multiple methods to treat amblyopia. Citicoline injection is suitable for children aged 7 to 20, and it is not suitable for older children in the early stage of amblyopia treatment. Animal experiments have found that neurons in the visual cortex of the brain are cells sensitive to binocular disparity, and are considered to be the neural basis of stereo vision. In the development of human vision, neurons in the visual cortex are variable, and under normal circumstances, it has a certain impact on its development. If it is disturbed, it will affect the development.


Citicoline Sodium Capsules is a common drug in neurology. Its main function is to promote blood flow, improve blood supply to the brain, promote blood circulation, and help restore brain function, especially for children with mental disorders and coma, and has the effect of promoting their recovery. , but also to repair the damaged brain. The main component of Citicoline Sodium Capsules is Citicoline. Citicoline is also known as a membrane stabilizer in clinical practice, which can rebuild the nerve membrane structure. The drug can be combined with diacylglycerol to form Phosphatidylcholine, after nerve cell membrane damage in the brain, treatment with exogenous citicoline can promote the repair of nerve cell membranes to promote nerve regeneration. Citicoline can reduce the oxidative metabolism of phospholipase and reduce the release of arachidonic acid. In the treatment of amblyopia, by inhibiting phospholipase, it inhibits arachidonic acid, thereby reducing the generation of oxidative molecules, neurotoxic substances and free radicals , can avoid nerve apoptosis, and produce the function of protecting retinal nerve function, so it can improve the therapeutic effect of children with amblyopia.


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Title-Title: Clinical Effect of Citicoline Sodium Capsules in Treating Amblyopia
Author-Author: Xiong Liusheng;
Source-Title: Clinical Rational Drug Use
Year-Year: 2023
PubTime - Publication time: 2023-01-20
Keyword-Keywords: amblyopia; citicoline sodium capsules; clinical curative effect; visual acuity; adverse reactions

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