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The beauty history of L-Glutathione Reduced

Mar 01, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Therapeutic and preventive effects: detoxification;L-Glutathione Reduced radiation sickness and radiation protection; protect the liver; anti-allergic;L-Glutathione Reduced improve the course and symptoms of certain diseases; beauty and skin care;L-Glutathione Reduced increase vision and eye diseases; anti-aging effects. Foods rich in glutathione contain glutathione in many fruits, such as cherries,L-Glutathione Reduced cherry tomatoes (small tomatoes, cherry tomatoes), etc.L-Glutathione Reduced many vegetables also contain glutathione such as tomatoes (tomatoes). ) Etc.Therefore, eating more fruits and vegetables in daily life is beneficial to delay aging and prolong life.

The glutathione released this time adopts the latest science and technology in skin pigment research,L-Glutathione Reduced and has developed an exclusive multi-effect formula of "glutathione and high-concentration Sophora flavescens extract" and other unique ingredients,L-Glutathione Reduced which can double from the inside to the outside. Locking the melanin mother cells allows women to restore pearl-like bright white skin and diminish stubborn stains. Compared with ordinary products,L-Glutathione Reduced Baidi polypeptide is like a sophisticated high-end "whitening lock",L-Glutathione Reduced which can tightly lock tyrosinase and prevent the penetration of tyrosine to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the formation of melanin.Glutathione fully replenishes Baidi polypeptide and Sophora flavescens extract,L-Glutathione Reduced which has excellent effects on removing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, shrinking pores,L-Glutathione Reduced lightening pigments and whitening the whole body.

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