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What are pharmaceutical intermediates and how are pharmaceutical Intermediate API classified?

Mar 06, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

What is a pharmaceutical intermediate? A pharmaceutical intermediate is a fine chemical product in the production process of pharmaceutical chemical raw materials to APIs or drugs. The synthesis of chemical drugs depends on high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates. This kind of chemical product does not require a pharmaceutical production license and can be produced in an ordinary chemical plant. As long as it reaches a certain level,Intermediate API it can be used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. Our country needs more than 2,000 kinds of raw materials and intermediates for chemical industry every year, and the demand is over 2.5 million tons. After years of development,Intermediate API the chemical raw materials and intermediates required for my country's pharmaceutical production can basically be matched,Intermediate API and only a small part of it needs to be imported. Moreover, due to my country's abundant resources and low raw material prices, many intermediates have been exported in large quantities.

How to classify pharmaceutical intermediate products? There are many types of pharmaceutical intermediates,Intermediate API which can be divided into antibiotics intermediates,Intermediate API antipyretic and analgesic intermediates, cardiovascular system pharmaceutical intermediates,Intermediate API and anti-cancer pharmaceutical intermediates according to application fields. There are many types of specific pharmaceutical intermediate products, such as imidazole, furan, phenol intermediates, aromatic intermediates, pyrrole, pyridine, biochemical reagents, sulfur-containing, nitrogen-containing, halogen compounds, heterocyclic compounds,Intermediate API starch, mannitol , Microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, dextrin, glycols, powdered sugar, inorganic salts, ethanol intermediates, stearates,Intermediate API amino acids, ethanolamines, potassium salts, sodium salts and other intermediates, etc. Wait.

In addition, in recent years,Intermediate API due to stricter drug regulatory requirements, increasing difficulty in drug research and development, and rising prices,Intermediate API multinational pharmaceutical companies have been able to shorten the time to market for patented drugs, reduce R&D and production costs,Intermediate API and maintain good performance throughout the drug life cycle. Profit space, improve its own operating efficiency,Intermediate API and gradually transform from a "vertical integration" business model to a "development cooperation" business model. The business links of research, development,Intermediate API and production of patent drugs are professionally decomposed and outsourced to pharmaceutical contract research companies, Professional institutions such as pharmaceutical customized R&D and production enterprises, namely,Intermediate API customized pharmaceutical R&D and production (CMO).

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