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What are the advantages of NMN?

Sep 08, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

What are the advantages of NMN

1. NMN is the most scientific and effective way to supplement NAD+.

More and more scientific experiments have proved that it is necessary to supplement the content of NAD in our body if we want to realize our wish of "immortality".

However, the molecular weight of NAD+ is too large to be easily absorbed by the human body, so scientists start from the precursor of NAD+ to increase the content of NAD+ in our body.

From the perspective of NAD+ supplementation, four types of precursors, niacin, tryptophan, nicotinamide and NMN/NR, of the three metabolic cycles of NAD+ can be supplemented.

However, some precursors are restricted by their own rate-limiting enzymes, and some precursors are not efficiently converted into NAD+ after oral administration. In summary: NMN is the most scientific and effective way to supplement NAD.

2. The mechanism of action of NMN is very clear.

And it has been confirmed by hundreds of authoritative academic papers from at least dozens of top scientific research institutions around the world. For example, improving sleep is because Sirt1 protein regulates jet lag, and improving energy is because NAD+ increases ATP levels.

Applicable people of NMN

(1) The elderly, used to assist in the improvement of various senile diseases;

(2) For middle-aged people, eliminate or alleviate various sub-health problems, such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, decreased vision, etc.;

(3) Those who stay up late, speed up the recovery of the body;

(4) Candidates should improve their ability to withstand pressure and keep their minds clear;

(5) Those with higher radiation doses, such as radiologists, nurses, and air crews, can improve the repair ability of genes damaged by radiation;

(6) Cancer patients, help patients repair genes after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, improve immunity, and speed up physical recovery;

(7) Bodybuilders, accelerate muscle growth;

(8) Athletes, improve energy level and reaction speed;

(9) For drinkers, improve hangover ability, protect liver, and repair genes damaged by acetaldehyde toxicity;

(10) Smokers, reduce smoking addiction;

(11) For depressed people, increase dopamine levels, improve mood, increase blood supply to the brain, and relieve brain decline caused by depression;

(12) For middle-aged and elderly women, improve skin health and delay skin aging;

(13) Others who may have low coenzyme I.

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