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Citicoline's Biological Effects



CAS NO.:987-78-0


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Citicoline is a single nucleotide consisting of ribose, cytopenidine, coke phosphate, and choline. The phospholipids in the human body mainly include phospholipidorine, phospholipids, ethanol, phospholitol, and phospholipids.


Product description of Citicoline:





White powder



Loss on drying

Not more than 6%

Heavy Metal

Not more than 5ppm


Raw material、medicine

Shelf Life

24 months when properly stored.


Citicoline's biological effects, pharmacokinetics and safety:
As a component of the cell membrane structure, they are the function of the cell membrane exercise. They are essential in maintaining the internal environmental stability, maintenance of enzyme activity, coupling body and intracellular signal, and nerve impulses. In the central nervous system, 80 % of phospholipid synthesis changes the regulation by the concentration of cyticoline, and the formation of citicoline is the speed limit step of phospholipoline. Citicoline can accelerate phospholipid synthesis, promote the rapid repair of damaged cell surface and mitochondrial membrane, and maintain the integrity and cell energy metabolism of the cell membrane.


Citicoline is a water -soluble compound with more than 90 % of biological utilization. After entering the body, Citicoline quickly decomposed into choline and cytoside. They passed through the blood -brain barrier and re -synthesized the cyticoline in the central nervous system.


Radioxidant demonstrations have shown that oral cell phosphorus can be absorbed quickly and fully, which is hydrolyzed into choline and cytosyls in the intestinal wall. The biological synthesis pathway of the medium has the same biological utilization and similar pharmacokinetic characteristics as the intravenous injection of phosphorus. Citicoline is widely distributed in cortex, white, and central gray -based nuclear groups. It eliminates extremely slowly and excretes a small amount through urine, feces and breathing pathways every day. Citicoline is extremely toxic. In preclinical studies, the dead dosage of the mortality could not be determined, because there were no animal deaths under the possible maximum oral dosage, and the subacute and chronic toxicity experiments performed in rodents and dogs were not observed.


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