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Absorption and action of NMN

Jun 20, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN is a molecule that occurs naturally in all life forms. NMN is the immediate precursor of the essential molecule nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is considered to be a key molecule in increasing cellular NAD+ levels.

Intracellular NAD+ concentrations decrease over time as normal cellular functions are depleted. Healthy NAD+ levels are thought to be restored by supplementing with NAD+ precursors. According to research, precursors such as NMN and nicotinamide riboside (NR) are considered to supplement NAD+ production and are able to increase the concentration of NAD+. David Sinclair, an NAD+ researcher at Harvard University, said, "Feeding or providing NAD+ directly to an organism is not a practical option. The NAD+ molecule cannot easily cross the cell membrane into the cell, so it will not be able to positively affect metabolism. Instead, it must be used Precursor molecules of NAD+ to increase the bioavailability level of NAD+." This means that NAD+ cannot be used as a direct supplement because it is not easily absorbed. NAD+ precursor is more easily absorbed than NAD+ and is a more effective supplement.


How does NMN supplementation absorb and act throughout the body?

NMN is taken up into cells via molecular transporters embedded on the cell surface. NMN molecules can be absorbed into cells more efficiently than NAD+. Because of the barrier of the cell membrane, NAD+ cannot easily enter the human body. The membrane has an anhydrous space that prevents the entry of ions, reactive molecules, and macromolecules without transporters. It was once thought that NMN is altered before it enters cells, but new evidence suggests that it can enter cells directly via NMN-specific transporters on the cell membrane.

In addition, injection of NMN rapidly expands the NAD+ distribution area in the body, including pancreas, adipose tissue, heart, skeletal muscle, kidney, testis, eyes and blood vessels. Oral administration of NMN in mice increases NAD+ in the liver within 15 minutes.

NMN Safety and Side Effects

NMN is considered safe in animal experiments, and the results are promising. The molecule is largely considered safe rather than toxic, even at high concentrations in experiments with mice and humans. Long-term (one-year) oral administration in mice has no toxic effects. The first clinical trials in humans have been completed, and the evidence supports the notion that it is nontoxic at a single dose.

Although a study of Japanese men published in November 2019 noted that subjects had elevated blood bilirubin levels after NMN administration, these levels remained within the normal range. Future studies should focus on the long-term safety and efficacy of use. NMN is not associated with any other known side effects.

With NMN showing promising therapeutic properties in animal studies, researchers are trying to understand how the molecule works in humans. A recent clinical trial in Japan showed that the molecule was safe and well tolerated at the doses used.

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