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Application and collocation of NMN

May 17, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

In the production process of NMN, there are chemical synthesis method, fermentation method and biological enzyme catalysis method. The cost of chemical synthesis is low, but it is difficult to avoid chemical residues in the process, which may cause risks to the human body; the fermentation method is mainly used by NMN produced in Japan, and the production process is complicated, time-consuming, and costly; Engineering enzymes are produced by biosynthesis. The raw materials produced by this method are of high purity, and the cost can be greatly reduced by more than 90%.

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In the combination of NMN, there are mainly combinations of resveratrol, coenzyme Q10, PQQ, proteoglycan, plasmalogen, diosgenin and so on. The most common combination is resveratrol, which is also an anti-aging ingredient, and is also involved in sirtuin activation and insulin sensitivity, and is often used for anti-aging and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health; NMN, as a coenzyme, is also used It is believed that it is compatible with coenzymes such as coenzyme Q10 and PQQ, and can synergistically better fight against free radicals, accelerate metabolism, and slow down cell aging. In addition, NMN can also combine with vitamin B family as a coenzyme or zinc as an enzyme. Proteoglycan, PS and other raw materials can also be combined in a small amount, focusing on bone health and brain health; in addition, the combination of NMN and the next-generation anti-aging raw material diosgenin is also under study.

In terms of product classification, NMN formulations for different genders, ages, and health needs have become a trend. NMN has begun to be paired with other health ingredients for healthy aging, male and female sexual health, oral beauty, sports nutrition, reproductive health, brain and emotional health. and other aspects

As a popular ingredient that has attracted attention from all over the world, NMN is proving its safety and function through a large number of human experiments. With the continuous in-depth research on NMN and the continuous unlocking of functions, there are many possibilities in the direction of exploring human health and delaying aging.

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