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Study proves that NMN can improve limb function in the elderly

May 16, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

The full name of NMN is β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, which is the precursor of the coenzyme NAD+ involved in the energy conversion of cells in the human body. NAD+ exists in all living cells and is essential for regulating cellular aging and maintaining normal body functions, and is believed to help maintain a youthful state in humans. After entering middle age, the amount of NAD+ in the human body decreases sharply, only a fraction of that in youth, which triggers various symptoms of aging in the body, such as memory loss, weakening of cardiovascular function, immune disorders, poor sleep quality, energy Drops, hair loss, loss of appetite, and degeneration of various neurons, to name a few.

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Studies have found that NMN can significantly improve age-related physiological decline in mice, such as inhibiting age-related weight gain, enhancing energy metabolism, improving insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid distribution, and improving eye function; NMN prevents Age-related gene expression changes and enhanced mitochondrial oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscle, thereby delaying aging and even partially reversing the aging process. However, a large number of animal experiments do not have sufficient evidence to prove whether NMN has the same effect on humans and is safe.

After entering 2021, countries around the world have begun to publish human clinical trials targeting NMN. On April 22, 2021, the research team of Samuel Klein, Center for Human Nutrition, Washington University School of Medicine, published an article in Science, showing that NMN can enhance muscle tissue insulin sensitivity in prediabetic women.

On May 5, 2022, an NMN human clinical trial report was published in the international authoritative journal Frontier in Aging, showing that NMN has good anti-aging effects and safety for middle-aged and elderly people. In this experiment, compared with the placebo group, the blood cell NAD(H) level of the NMN group increased by 38%, while the placebo group only increased by 14.3%; the walking endurance of the NMN group increased by 6.5%, while the placebo group only increased by 14.3%. Increased by 3.9%; NMN subjects felt happier, with a 6.5% increase in health scores (according to the SF 36 questionnaire); NMN improved the stability of blood glucose and serum insulin, and the average HOMA IR index in the NMN group increased by only 0.6% (placebo In the NMN group, the average fasting blood glucose decreased by 4.0% (the placebo group increased by 6.5% from the baseline), and in the NMN group the average fasting serum insulin decreased by 1.9% (the placebo group increased by 26.2% from the baseline).

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A 12-week randomized controlled trial in humans funded by Mitsubishi Life Sciences was published in "Aging", showing that the intake of NMN significantly improved the muscle activity of the elderly, especially the walking speed and left grip strength, which provided a significant benefit for the elderly's muscles. hypothalamus offers potential therapeutic strategies. This is a human clinical trial released by Mitsubishi in 2022. It was conducted by researchers from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University Hospital, Toyama University, Toranomon Hospital, and Mitsubishi Life Sciences. Its other two studies were published in Frontiers in Nutrition and In the journal "Nutrition", it was proved that NMN can safely increase the NAD+ level of healthy individuals, and can improve the limb function of the elderly and reduce the lethargy of the elderly.

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