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NK immune cells and NMN

Aug 02, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Human immune cells are like guards to protect the health of the body. Their defense function can resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses, their monitoring function can remove diseased and cancerous cells in time, and their stabilizing function can remove aging and damaged cells.

Clinical studies have found that NK cell adoptive immunotherapy for malignant tumors has a good application prospect, and has certain effects on various solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

NK cells are usually like patrolling police, cruising in human blood vessels and performing immune surveillance functions. When encountering cancerous, diseased or senescent cells, the immune defense function is activated.

NK cells will recognize and eliminate the cancerous cells that continue to be produced in time. In vivo experiments have shown that NK cells also play the role of the body's first natural defense line, which can kill and remove virus-infected cells and prevent the spread of the virus.

Therefore, improving the metabolic function of NK cells can effectively help NK to effectively respond to virus infection or tumor cells in the body.

In July 2022, Chinese and Japanese scientists published a research report in the famous scientific research journal "Hepatology", confirming that NMN supplementation can effectively improve the anti-tumor function of NK cells, which can be used as a potential solution to enhance the anti-tumor function of NK cells.

Through the absorption of NMN, it is proved to promote the increase of NAD+ level, the mitochondrial homeostasis and capacity metabolism of NK cells.


By absorbing NAD+, NK cells can be increased to release various cytokines including IFN-γ, TNF-α, CD107a and Perforin, which can not only improve tumor killing ability but also increase the activity rate of NK cells themselves.


In animal experiments, after NK cells received NMN, they more effectively inhibited the growth of tumors. NMN proved to effectively improve the anti-tumor ability of NK natural killer cells.

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