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NMN restores mitochondrial function in aging oocytes

Aug 03, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

High-quality oocytes are a prerequisite for successful fertilization and embryonic development, and are the material basis for the beginning of life.

Female reproductive senescence in most mammals is characterized by a decline in the number and quality of oocytes and the fluid-filled vesicles (follicles) that contain them. Low-quality oocytes are a common and insurmountable problem in advanced maternal age and a major cause of poor fertility outcomes.

NAD+ is a key substance in metabolism and a key factor in a variety of physiological processes (important genome stability and cell survival, etc.). The content of NAD+ in the human body decreases with age in many tissues, which is related to many diseases related to aging. Therefore, restoring NAD+ content may be an effective anti-aging tool.

Studies have found that NMN supplementation can improve the fertilization ability of aging oocytes, while promoting the subsequent development of embryos.


After NMN supplementation, the fertilization success rate of oocytes increased

Using sperm-oocyte binding assays, the researchers found that older oocytes were significantly less able to bind sperm than younger oocytes. After NMN supplementation, oocytes were mostly embryos at the 2-cell stage (the stage at which cell division begins after fertilization). After that, the cells gradually divide and develop, forming many blastocysts. Therefore, after NMN supplementation, the binding ability of aging oocytes and sperm was significantly improved.

Thus, NMN supplementation improved the fertilization ability and early embryonic development of aged oocytes.

On August 4, 2020, the research team published the research results in the sub-journal of the top scientific journal "Cell", showing that the use of NMN can restore the fertility of middle-aged women.


This study clarifies the mechanism by which NMN can restore the NAD+ level in the oocytes of aged animals, improve mitochondrial function, enhance the potential of embryonic development, and finally increase the litter size of animals. It provides new methods and ideas for solving female fertility problems caused by aging.

Supplementing NMN and restoring the level of NAD+ can improve the quality of aging mouse oocytes. Injecting NMN can not only promote ovulation of aging oocytes, but also improve their fertilization ability.

Studies have shown that the NAD+ level of mature female mouse oocytes decreases with age, and exogenous supplementation of NMN can restore it and improve the quality of oocytes.


NMN restores mitochondrial function in aging oocytes

NMN supplementation can inhibit the accumulation of reactive oxygen species and reduce DNA damage, thereby reducing cell death.

In addition, NMN restored the viability of aging oocytes by restoring the distribution and function of mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of cells.

These findings provide a potential and effective method to improve the fertility of advanced women and obtain more high-quality oocytes. It has been proven that NMN can greatly restore female fertility. If it is widely used in human clinical practice in the future, it will be a blessing in life for elderly women who have not given birth, and it can also help solve the social problem of "difficulty in childbearing".

Today, with the in-depth study of NMN by global authoritative institutions, more research results of NMN are also recognized by the world. NMN activates cytokines, allowing people to return to a youthful state and make life radiant again.

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