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Ten Questions About NMN

Jun 28, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

1. Will there be any side effects when taking NMN? How much is more appropriate to eat at one time?

NMN is an inherent substance in the human body, and many of our vegetables contain NMN. Moreover, many NMNs are currently undergoing clinical trials as drugs around the world, and have passed the first phase of human safety clinical trials.

A double-blind experiment on the dosage of NMN published in the journal Springer GeroScience shows that daily oral administration of NMN300, 600, and 900mg will not cause side effects such as blushing and gastrointestinal reactions, and NMN will be metabolized by the human body without causing any obvious harmful effects However, the oral dose of 600mg/d is significantly better than 300mg/d, and the effect of 900mg/d is not significantly better than 600 mg/d.

2. How long does it take to have an effect? Can I take it all the time?

The effect varies from person to person, and needs to be based on physical condition, energy and feedback from various aspects. It usually takes three to four weeks to have a somatosensory effect. The body function is average, and the effect will be more obvious for people with weaker bodies. Generally, the effect can be felt within one to two weeks.

3. Do I need to take NMN at the specified time?

It is recommended to take it in the morning with meals, then at noon or afternoon, with lukewarm water. Drink plenty of warm water during taking to accelerate metabolic conversion.

It is usually not recommended to take it at night, because after taking NMN, the NAD+ level in the body will increase, which will make the energy excessive, and if it is a crowd that is easily excited at night, it will affect sleep.

4. Can it be taken with other health products?

NMN is an inherent substance in the human body, and it will not conflict with conventional health products on the market, and can be taken together. However, there are many types of health care products on the market, and the quality is uneven. It is recommended to take them at intervals of more than 1 hour.

5. Why do I feel drowsy after eating?

Due to work pressure and bad living habits, some people's nerve cells are in a state of long-term stress, which causes DNA damage in nerve cells and a decrease in sensitivity, which is a manifestation of overdrawn life.

If the nerve cells are out of the stress state, the person's sleep state will slowly recover, and the cells will start to enter the repair mode. When this cellular DNA damage recovers to a certain extent, there will be a staged "sleep state", which is a normal body response.

This is a manifestation of the DNA repair of the body's nerve cells. The body can also use more and higher quality sleep to complete self-repair by adjusting sleep time. You can add more nutrients, and then arrange a reasonable rest time to speed up cell self-repair.

If you insist on taking it for a week, the drowsiness will be relieved. If it affects your life, you can avoid premature drowsiness by adjusting the time of taking NMN.

6. What should I do if I get angry after taking NMN?

Some users may get angry after taking it, so don’t worry too much. This is because after supplementing NMN, the NAD+ level in the human body increases, the energy molecule ATP in the body increases, and the vitamin B consumption will increase, so some users may get angry at the initial stage Case.

Moreover, after taking NMN, it will activate the glands of the stomach, spleen, and kidney, while the peripheral tissues of the human body are still in a dull and aging state, so there will be a short-term imbalance between the inside and outside of the glands at the initial stage of taking. At this time, you only need to add more water and increase exercise to relieve it. If you take a high dose in the early stage, you can start taking 1 capsule first, and then gradually increase after the body adapts.

NMN itself does not cause people to get angry. The fundamental reason is that the body’s original metabolic level is relatively low. After taking NMN, the mitochondrial function improves in a short time. The body’s response in the process of adapting to better functions does not need to worry too much.

7. What other reactions will there be after taking NMN?

Since the core mechanism of NMN is to replenish human body substances, repair damaged cells, and improve human vitality, some people will have increased urination frequency, occasional dizziness, pain, and hunger in the early stage. Don’t worry about these, it’s the body Functional improvement is a manifestation of repairing damaged cells, and as the body continues to take it, the body adapts to the functional performance of NAD+ increase, and these reactions will gradually disappear.

8. Can people with other diseases eat it?

It is not recommended for people under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women;

Cancer patients, during chemotherapy, leukemia patients, pregnancy, nephritis and other related conditions are not recommended to take;

Gout patients taking NMN may lead to elevated uric acid, and it is not recommended to take it;

Tumor patients or patients with multiple cysts, people with mental illness, people with allergic diseases, and other patients with physical discomfort, please consult the doctor first, and follow the doctor's advice.

9. How to choose the formula content of NMN

The formulas currently used in the market are different from unilateral and compound formulas. The unilateral formula only contains NMN, while the compound formula contains not only NMN, but also contains resveratrol, ginsenoside, PQQ, betaine, fruit and vegetable powder and other ingredients, which can fully activate the body. Absorption and metabolism, improve the effect.

10. How to save better?

After unpacking, the product can be stored in a cool and dry place, and it is not recommended to be placed in direct sunlight.

Of course, we recommend that you always consult your healthcare provider for a diagnosis, accurate medical information, and approval before taking any supplements.

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