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Why do you need NMN?

Jun 19, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Do you need to supplement with NMN? If you have such doubts, today's content will definitely help you!

The following groups of people urgently need to supplement NMN!

1. People with poor sleep such as staying up late or insomnia

Supplementing with NMN can increase SIRT1 levels, help regulate the biological clock, and restore normal sleep rhythms.

Somatosensory feedback from NMN consumers: After taking NMN, sleep quality has improved, sleep time has been prolonged, and watch tests have shown that deep sleep is prolonged.

2. People who are stressed or depressed

NMN can increase dopamine levels, increase blood supply to the brain, and keep the mind clear.

Among the somatosensory feedback from NMN consumers, the most common point is that their mental state has improved and their energy has become more vigorous.

3. Women who are anti-ageing and beautiful skin

Supplementing NMN can increase the content of NAD+ in the body, enhance the regeneration ability of cells, enhance the mitochondrial function of basal cells, accelerate metabolism, and promote the decomposition of melanin. Taking NMN orally can accelerate skin metabolism and improve skin condition.

Many NMN consumers said that after taking NMN, their skin became whiter, firmer, and shiny. Some consumers reported that their white hair turned black.

4. Athletes or fitness enthusiasts

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NMN has the functions of supplementing NAD+, enhancing the generation of skeletal muscle cells, oxidative metabolism of mitochondria, increasing energy, improving response ability, accelerating fat decomposition, and enhancing exercise endurance.

5. People who often drink and socialize

NAD+ can increase the content of NAD+ by eating NMN, thereby promoting the metabolism of alcohol, and has a certain protective effect on the liver; it can repair the gene containing acetaldehyde toxin and improve the body's resistance to alcohol.

6. Middle-aged and elderly people who need anti-aging

In addition to delaying aging, NAD+ can also alleviate sub-health problems such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and vision loss.

The elderly can restore NAD+ levels by taking NMN orally, maintain cell youth and vitality, and prevent problems caused by physiological aging. Among the main somatosensory feedbacks after taking NMN, eyesight, memory, and immunity have all been significantly improved in the elderly.

Human aging is much earlier than we imagined. From this perspective, everyone who wants to live a healthy and energetic life can start supplementing NMN in advance.

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