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Antioxidants NAD+ and Alpha Lipoic Acid

Aug 03, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers


Involved in DNA repair, epigenetic modification, regulation of body inflammation, biological rhythm, stress resistance... NAD+ is involved in almost all basic physiological processes in the organism, and is closely related to aging and its related diseases (such as metabolic disorders, immune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases) disease) are inextricably linked.

Taking NMN as an example, in the past 2021, scientists from China, the United States, and Japan have successively announced the results of their respective NMN clinical trials in just over a month. In the study, NMN delivered an excellent answer, effectively increasing the NAD+ content of the body and improving many aging-related indicators.

Based on the current scientific research, the direct precursors of NAD+, NMN and NR, are safe. However, considering the continuous and disorderly relationship between NAD+ and tumors, supplementation of NAD+ and its precursors is generally not recommended for cancer patients and during chemotherapy.

At the same time, because the NAD+ breakdown product ADPR (adenosine diphosphate ribose) can be finally degraded into uric acid, people with high uric acid should take NAD+ precursor with caution.

No.2 lipoic acid

It is also a substance widely distributed in the body in natural state. Lipoic acid can enhance the uptake and utilization of glucose and the oxidative decomposition of fatty acids by activating the AMPK signaling pathway, improve insulin sensitivity, and regulate the process of nutrient sensing in the body. , because it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, target mitochondrial metabolism, and can play a neuroprotective role.

In addition, the excellent antioxidant capacity of lipoic acid and the unique effect of increasing the effectiveness of other antioxidants (such as vitamin C and glutathione) make it a favorite for those who are keen on skin whitening and skin aging.

The metabolic cycle of lipoic acid is short (the maximum blood concentration can be reached in half an hour, and the half-life is only half an hour), and the excess will be excreted in the urine, so there is no need to worry about its safety.

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