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Hepatoprotective effect of reduced glutathione

Aug 03, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Reduced glutathione (GSH), as an endogenous detoxification substance in the human body, has the functions of resisting free radicals, scavenging superoxide anions in the body, protecting the liver, improving energy metabolism, etc. It helps to restore the fluidity of liver cell membranes and maintain Synthetic and detoxifying functions of the liver.

Hepatoprotective effect of reduced glutathione

GSH is a kind of polypeptide drugs, which can effectively combine with peroxides and free radicals to play an antioxidant effect, and can also be added to the cyclic metabolic process of triphosphate and sugar metabolism. In addition, GSH can also accelerate protein and fat metabolism, improve cellular energy metabolism to the greatest extent, and speed up the body's material circulation.

The latest research proves that GSH has a good effect in the adjuvant treatment of chronic hepatitis B, which can avoid the generation of peroxidation, repair the protective barrier of the liver, improve liver function, and improve the indicators of liver fibrosis. After receiving GSH adjuvant therapy for chronic hepatitis B patients, the indicators of liver fibrosis and liver function have been significantly improved, and the clinical treatment effect has been improved. At the same time, the drug safety is more ideal, and it will not cause too many adverse drug reactions, so as to ensure the safety of patients' medication. .

Antiviral treatment of hepatitis B virus is a difficult problem in the medical field. So far, no drugs that can eradicate hepatitis B have been found. Hepatitis B virus produces supercoiled DNA after entering hepatocytes, which leads to the generation of virus resistance and the generation of HBV mutant strains caused by long-term drug treatment. Therefore, the selection of drugs will consider the advantages and safety of various drugs, and choose different drug treatment plans according to the specific conditions of patients, so as to individualize the use of drugs to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Hepatoprotective effect of reduced glutathione

Liver disease is a common disease of the digestive system. GSH is one of the important hepatoprotective drugs currently used in clinical practice, and is currently mainly used in hepatitis.

In recent years, studies have shown that when human tissue cells undergo aging, infection, poisoning, and oxidative stress, it is likely to reduce the biosynthetic capacity and content of GSH in cells. Supplementing exogenous GSH in a timely manner can prevent, alleviate and terminate the damage of tissue cells.

Currently, GSH has been developed as a medicine for the protection and restoration of liver function, the prevention of pigmentation, and the treatment and treatment of allergic symptoms caused by chemoradiotherapy, hypoxemia, early senile cataract and corneal inflammation, acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase imbalance. Adjuvant treatment of poisoning.

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