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Can glutathione prevent stem cell damage?

May 19, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Glutathione can prevent the damage of stem cells and promote the self-renewal of stem cells as a potential activation signal in the early stage of apoptosis. Reduced glutathione can affect DNA synthesis, transcription and repair by regulating redox signals. Depletion of prototypical glutathione can lead to DNA damage and even apoptosis, leading to numerous diseases. Increasing the content of glutathione in cells is beneficial to prevent stem cell damage and promote the self-renewal of stem cells.

Can glutathione prevent stem cell damage?

In the experiments of in vitro culture, preservation and transplantation of stem cells, it was found that reduced glutathione can protect the biological activity of stem cells, suggesting that reduced glutathione has great application prospects in cell culture and stem cell transplantation. This protective mechanism is mainly carried out by reduced glutathione by maintaining the stability of cell biofilms. The specific mechanism can be divided into two aspects:

First, glycine, the degradation product of reduced glutathione, has the effect of stabilizing the cell membrane, preventing the change of the permeability of the cell membrane, and limiting the expansion of the entry and exit pores of the cell membrane;

Second, glutathione peroxidase can use the scavenging effect of reduced glutathione to remove the lipid peroxides generated after reactive oxygen species attack the biofilm, reducing the damage caused by lipid peroxides to the cell membrane , to ensure the integrity of the biofilm.

It is precisely because of these mechanisms that reduced glutathione has become a new treatment for viral hepatitis in clinical practice. When used in conjunction with antiviral drugs, it can effectively improve the oxidative stress response in liver cells while inhibiting viral activity. To achieve the purpose of delaying liver cell damage.

Can glutathione prevent stem cell damage?

In addition to preventing damage to biofilms, glutathione is also involved in DNA protection. In a set of controlled experiments between induced pluripotent stem cells and fibroblasts, it was found that higher levels of expressed reduced glutathione and glutathione peroxidase mediate DNA damage protection in induced pluripotent stem cells effect; another group of studies also found that induced pluripotent stem cells added with reduced glutathione also showed stronger proliferation ability and promoted the self-renewal of stem cells; while cysteine was used as a synthetic reduced glutathione It is a necessary synthetic raw material for athione, and its entry into the cell can also induce the rapid proliferation of stem cells, shorten the cell cycle, and increase the length of chromosome telomeres.

In addition to cysteine, ALLAMEH et al. also found that after adding N-acetyl-L cysteine to mesenchymal stem cells, the cell proliferation rate was significantly improved, about 5 times the original proliferation rate.

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