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Intermediate API pilot process development

Mar 08, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Development of pilot process: After the general small-scale process is opened up and verified in three parallel batches,Intermediate API the verification results are relatively stable (under the condition that the yield, quality,Intermediate API and impurity distribution are not particularly different),Intermediate API consider the process to carry out a certain coefficient The magnified process is referred to as pilot process development.

The pilot process development generally includes the following factors to pay attention to: select the appropriate reaction device system according to the reaction characteristics. In the pilot test process,Intermediate API it is often necessary to solve a series of problems from the hour to the scale-up process. What needs to be considered in the general synthesis process of the pilot plant is the characteristics of the reaction. For example,Intermediate API during the small-scale test reaction, some materials are strongly acid-corrosive materials (concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.),Intermediate API and the bottom price can be calculated through the constant pressure dropping funnel. In the pilot-scale test process,Intermediate API it is necessary to consider the use of enamel or glass. In addition to the dripping tank, in the small test process,Intermediate API in the process of dripping the materials, it is necessary to consider the exothermic situation of the reaction system after the dripping of the materials. During the small test,Intermediate API the exotherm is often not obvious, and with good stirring during the small test,Intermediate API the specific exotherm is often not observed. After scale-up, many reactors have requirements for the stirring speed,Intermediate API and the stirring effect is often not as ideal as the small-scale test. Therefore, in the middle-scale test process,Intermediate API such problems need to be solved. According to the characteristics of the reaction system, the pilot reactor is selected. For example,Intermediate API in the general production process, the reactor facing strong acid can be carried out with an enamel kettle. However,Intermediate API it is necessary to pay attention to the corrosion of the material to the flange interface during the process of dropping corrosive materials.

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