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Three Wastes Treatment of Intermediate API

Mar 09, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Three waste treatment: During the small test,Intermediate API the amount of waste water and waste liquid are relatively small,Intermediate API and they can often be collected directly in small bottles and barrels for recycling. However, after the pilot test is started,Intermediate API it is often necessary to pay attention to the problem of recycling and applying waste liquid. For example,Intermediate API in a system involving multi-step extraction reaction,Intermediate API after the solvent of the reaction system is concentrated, if it can be recycled to continue the next extraction,Intermediate API then recycling should be considered. Regarding the exhaust gas, in the process of small tests, it is often carried out in a fume hood,Intermediate API and there is no particular problem with a slight leakage of the exhaust gas. However, in the process of pilot test or amplification,Intermediate API a little carelessness will cause a large amount of exhaust gas to overflow, corrode equipment, and even hurt others. Therefore, during the pilot test,Intermediate API the absorption of exhaust gas should be fully estimated.

The stability of the process often determines the quality of a process. For small-scale and stable processes, after scale-up to pilot-scale, some processes are often easy to get high-purity samples in the small-scale process,Intermediate API but it is often difficult to get pure products after scale-up. At this time,Intermediate API the optimization of the purification method should be considered. For example, can some impurities be removed by extraction, recrystallization,Intermediate API beating, washing,Intermediate API first adsorption on activated carbon or silica gel and then recrystallization or beating. The most undesirable method is column chromatography. The amount of solvent used is relatively large and the cost is too high. The author once experienced a project that requires column chromatography and then recrystallization. The cycle time is long,Intermediate API the pressure and the cost are higher than expected,Intermediate API and the pressure is very high.

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