L-carnosine can participate in and regulate various physiological activities of the human body - Knowledge

L-carnosine can participate in and regulate various physiological activities of the human body

Mar 17, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

L-carnosine was first detected in beef by Russian scientists. It is widely present in mammalian brains,L-Carnosine muscles and other nerve-distributed tissues. Its concentration in animals is about 1-20mmol.L-1,L-Carnosine especially in chickens. The content in breast meat is particularly high. In organisms,L-Carnosine it is synthesized by carnosine synthetase using β-alanine and L-histidine. The chemical name is β-alanyl-L-histidine,L-Carnosine and its chemical structure is as follows:

L-carnosine can participate in and regulate various physiological activities of the human body. It has excellent natural anti-oxidation,L-Carnosine scavenging free radicals, chelating with transition metals, neuroprotection, promoting wound healing and anti-aging, etc.L-Carnosine as well as treating high blood pressure and heart Healing of diseases, senile cataracts,L-Carnosine and ulcers all have therapeutic effects, so they have broad application prospects in the fields of medicine, health care, and sanitation.

At present,L-Carnosine the chemical synthesis method of L-carnosine is mainly to first protect the amino group in β-alanine with phthalic anhydride,L-Carnosine react to obtain phthaloyl β-alanine,L-Carnosine and then condense with L-histidine The intermediate phthaloyl-L-carnosine is obtained. The intermediate hydrazine hydrate undergoes hydrazinolysis to remove the protective group,L-Carnosine and then is decolorized, concentrated, crystallized, filtered and dried to obtain the product L-carnosine. Typical literature reports such as the patents with publication numbers CN101117334A (a new method for synthesizing L-carnosine) and CN101284862A (a method for synthesizing L-carnosine).

The above method has the advantages of easy availability of raw materials,L-Carnosine short process route, high total yield,L-Carnosine etc. However, due to the use of hydrazine hydrate in the production process, there is a certain amount of hydrazine residue (about 20 ppm) in the L-carnosine product.

No hydrazine was detected in it.

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