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The important role of glutathione in stem cells

Apr 02, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Stem cells possess the capacities of self-renewal and multiple differentiation.  Glutathione, as an important sulfhydryl compound in stem cell, not only participates in tin the active oxygen metabolism of stem cells, but also plays an important role in self-renewal, proliferation, aging, stemness maintenance and differentiation regulation of stem cells.

Current studies find that glutathione maintain stem cell stemness through take effect in the metabolism of reactive oxygen species in stem cells, preventing stem cell damage and inhibit cell senescence and apoptosis.

L-Glutathione can induce stem cells to differentiate into mature cells related enzyme or by participating in the energy metabolism of stem cells. Research finds that glutathione level shows changes before and after stem cell differentiation, which can work of "barometer."

Glutathione now are also used in medicine application. In addition to playing a similar antioxidant role in cancer stem cells as in normal stem cells, GSH can influence cancer stem cell survival by participating in the regulation of a number of signaling molecules. As glutathione can enhance the drug resistance of tumor stem cells, it can be used as a detection index in the process of tumor screening, diagnosis and treatment, and help to adjust the treatment plan in time.

Altogether, the three point mentioned above show the importance of glutathione in stem cells and all provide different directions for glutathione's clinical applications. But there are also some uncertain especially in molecular mechanism waiting to be explore.

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