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Adenosine and Sleep

Apr 07, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

At midnight, a cup of tea or coffee could give you a jumpstart. Caffeine contributes to this progress. The researchers found that caffeine's stimulation stems from its relationship to the chemical adenosine. Usually, adenosine attaches to special receiving areas on cells or receptors and triggers different actions. However, studies in rats have shown that caffeine blocks these receptors, preventing adenosine from working and causing alertness. This suggests that adenosine plays a role in sleep. There is growing evidence that adenosine is an important "fatigue factor".

Several animal studies have shown that adenosine acts on specific receptors that line the surface of cells to induce sleep. Supplements with adenosine or adenosine-like compounds bind to receptors and promote sleepiness. These adenosine receptors are scattered throughout the body and brain. Only certain cell populations are important for sleep, by the conclusion of some researchers.

A current study of cats (famous nappers) identified an arousal network and confirmed that adenosine is a natural sleep inducer. Scientists have found that during the cats' waking periods natural concentrations of adenosine build up in parts of the cholinergic brain system and fall during sleep. Keeping the felines awake increases adenosine levels and increases the animals' tendency to fall asleep.

Other scientists are working on ways to manipulate adenosine to treat sleep disorders.

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