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The same medicine, why there are different dosage forms such as capsules, tablets and granules?

Jun 08, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

In order to achieve the best therapeutic effect of the drug, the same drug can be processed into different dosage forms for clinical use according to the different route of administration and absorption, which is also convenient for the storage, transportation and carrying of the drug. After the drug is made into different dosage forms, it can make it more convenient for patients of different ages and different physiological conditions to use, easy to accept, accurate in dosage, and good in stability.

The same medicine, why there are different dosage forms such as capsules, tablets and granules?

Common pharmaceutical dosage forms are injections, oral liquids, tablets, capsules and granules:

1. Injections have rapid efficacy, accurate doses, and reliable effects, but injections are absorbed quickly, are prone to adverse reactions, and have a smaller safety factor than oral dosage forms.

2. Oral liquid forms include solutions, syrups, emulsions, suspensions and the like. The dosage of the liquid dosage form is easy to grasp and adjust, and is suitable for infants and elderly patients, and the drug has a large dispersity, rapid and complete absorption, and quick effect, but the liquid dosage form is easy to mildew and inconvenient to carry.

3. Tablets mainly include ordinary tablets, chewable tablets, coated tablets, effervescent tablets, dispersible tablets, soluble tablets, controlled-release tablets, multi-layer tablets and oral tablets. The dosage of the tablets is accurate, the quality is stable, the transportation and storage are convenient, and the patients are more convenient to use.

4. Capsules can be divided into hard capsules, soft capsules and enteric-coated capsules, etc., generally for oral use. Capsules can mask the bad smell of drugs, avoid the destruction of drug components by gastric acid and pepsin, improve the stability of drugs, and improve the bioavailability of drugs.

5. Granules are also called granules. Usually divided into soluble granules, suspension granules and effervescent granules. Granules are a dosage form that has developed rapidly in recent years, and are widely used in children's medicine because of their rapid absorption and good ingestion. Oral use.


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