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Citicoline Sodium Powder


CAS NO.:33818-15-4;Assay:≥98.0%

CAS NO.:33818-15-4


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Citicoline sodium is a nucleoside derivative. Exogenous administration of Citicoline Sodium can quickly repair damaged neuronal cell membranes by increasing the synthesis of phospholipids, promote the synthesis of acetylcholine and dopamine, stabilize the neurotransmitter system, and can Promote energy metabolism in the brain.

Citicoline sodium (1)


Product description of Citicoline Sodium powder:

Citicoline sodium(C14H25N4NaO11P2)




White powder



Loss on drying

Not more than 1%

Heavy Metal

Not more than 10ppm


Raw material、medicine

Shelf Life

24 months when properly stored.


After the central nervous system is injured, citicoline can stabilize the brain cell membrane and inhibit the production of cytotoxic free fatty acids, participate in the repair and regeneration of brain nerve cells, play a neuroprotective role, and also play an important role in the transfer of nerve media and the conduction of bioelectricity effect.


1. When the brain is damaged, such as stroke and trauma, harmful substances such as free fatty acids and diacylglycerol are produced in the damaged part, which aggravates the damage of the nerve cell membrane and forms a vicious circle.
2. Citicoline sodium is decomposed into choline and uridine in the stomach, and after passing through the blood-brain barrier, it enters the brain to re-form citicoline
3. Citicoline absorbs free fatty acids and diacylglycerol to form an essential substance for cell membranes: phosphorylcholine ester, repairs damaged cell membranes, and removes harmful substances: free fatty acids and diacylglycerol, which plays a role in turning waste into treasure Effect;
4. At the same time, a part of citicoline is converted into acetylcholine, which acts as a nerve mediator.


Wide treatment time window, good bioavailability and blood-brain barrier penetration, and excellent safety make citicoline sodium a very effective neuroprotective and repair drug.


About us

GSH BIO-TECH is an innovative high-tech enterprise with enzyme catalysis technology in the field of synthetic biology as the core and cross-application of multidisciplinary technologies.We provide high quality Citicoline sodium and Citicoline, both of which are produced in GMP certified workshops, with a purity of more than 99%, and the density can be customized, Should you have interests in us, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us,we will be pleased to supply any further information you require.


Product Line

Product Line


Our Service
1.More Professional service in active pharmaceutical ingredients exporting field
2.Better manufacture ability
3.Various payment term to choose:T/T,Western Union,L/C,Paypal
4.High quality/Safe material/Competitive price
5.Small order available
6.Quickly response
7.More safe and fast transport
8.OEM design for all customers



1.Q. Can we print our own logo?

A. Yes,we offer OEM service.


2.Q. Do you provide sample?

A. Yes,we provide free sample but we don’t bear the shipping cost.


3.Q. What's your products?

A. active pharmaceutical ingredients.


4.Q:What’s the MOQ for your products?

A:Usually 5KG.


5.Q:What’s the payment terms?

A: 100% T/T in advance.

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