2022 NMN Research Year-end Inventory: Reduce New Coronavirus Infection, Protect Cardiovascular Health, And Reduce Acute Lung Injury - News

2022 NMN Research Year-end Inventory: Reduce New Coronavirus Infection, Protect Cardiovascular Health, And Reduce Acute Lung Injury

Jan 05, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN-related efficacy research has been published continuously, especially the research on resisting the new coronavirus has become a hot spot.


01 Reduce the infection of new coronavirus and relieve symptoms.

As early as in 2020, when the new coronavirus was just prevalent, a number of studies revealed that NAD+ levels were closely related to the new coronavirus infection, the aging of the immune system increased the risk of susceptibility, and cellular DNA repair after infection required a large amount of NAD+ consumption.

Researchers represented by David Sinclair concluded that supplementing NAD+ is an effective strategy to deal with viral infections. The research results in 2022 confirmed this inference.


April 2022
The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University and Tsinghua University published a study in the international scientific journal Cell Discovery: NMN can rescue NAD+ metabolism, immune response and cell death-related gene expression disorders caused by the new coronavirus infection, inhibit cell death, and significantly improve pneumonia caused by virus infection .
Excessive cell infiltration and hemolysis in the lungs occurred after infection with the new coronavirus, and the symptoms were significantly improved after NMN treatment.


2022 NMN Research Year-end Inventory: Reduce New Coronavirus Infection, Protect Cardiovascular Health, And Reduce Acute Lung Injury


September 2022
The team of the Beijing Institute of Biology published the research results in the famous scientific journal "Aging Cell". DNA damage is not only one of the markers of aging, but also promotes the infection of the new coronavirus both in vitro and in vivo, which also explains why the elderly are more susceptible to infection and severe disease.
By comparing old (60-73 years old) and young (31-50 years old) clinical human samples, it was found that the new coronavirus receptor ACE2 and DNA damage markers γH2AX and p-c-Jun were highly expressed in older samples.
NMN can effectively reduce cellular DNA damage and the expression of the new coronavirus receptor ACE2, thereby reducing viral infection and related symptoms.


02 Protect cardiovascular health
Protecting cardiovascular health has always been a hot topic in NMN research. The research published in 2022 not only includes a review article on NAD+ levels and cardiovascular diseases, but also improves cardiomyopathy, stroke, and anemia.


2022 NMN Research Year-end Inventory: Reduce New Coronavirus Infection, Protect Cardiovascular Health, And Reduce Acute Lung Injury


April 2022
The research team of Fudan University Children's Hospital and School of Life Sciences published research results in JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology): NMN can effectively inhibit cardiomyopathy caused by Echs1 deficiency.
Echs1 (short enoyl-CoA hydratase 1) senses nutrient and energy abundance, regulates cell growth and apoptosis, and deficiency of Echs1 leads to cardiomyopathy. After feeding the high NMN diet to Echs1 gene-deficient mice, it was found that the systolic function of the left ventricle was significantly restored, and cardiac fibrosis was significantly reduced.


April 2022
A joint study by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Guangzhou Jinan University found that higher NAD+ levels can significantly reduce the prevalence of anemia in women. NAD+ levels are a protective factor against cardiovascular disease, while anemia is a risk factor for adverse cardiovascular outcomes in women. Through the measurement of NAD+ levels in the whole blood of 727 women in the eastern Jidong region, it was found that higher NAD+ levels were significantly associated with a lower prevalence of anemia in women, especially microcytic anemia and normocytic anemia.


July 2022
A review article published in Genes & Diseases systematically discusses that NAD+ can play a remedial role in cardiovascular disease (CVD) by regulating metabolism, maintaining redox homeostasis and regulating immune response.
NAD+ may delay aging through multiple pathways, thus helping to intervene in age-related diseases. The researchers believe that increasing NAD+ levels has broad application prospects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (including atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, arrhythmia and heart failure).


July 2022
The research team of the Naval Medical University published results online to evaluate the therapeutic effect of intravenous NMN on ischemic stroke. NMN is distributed in various tissues after intravenous injection, has the ability to enter the brain to increase NAD+ levels, and has safety and therapeutic effects on acute ischemic stroke injury.


03 Reduce acute lung injury
November 2022
Researchers from Changhai Hospital of Naval Medical University published a study online: NMN can reduce acute lung injury. The researchers injected lipopolysaccharide (LPS) into 8-10 week-old male mice to induce acute lung injury, and injected NMN into a group of mice intraperitoneally, and found that NMN alleviated the pathological damage and apoptosis in lung tissue, It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-apoptotic protective effects against LPS-induced acute lung injury.

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