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NMN may improve partial retinal ischemia

Aug 07, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

The Photobiology Laboratory of Keio University School of Medicine in Japan published a paper in the "International Journal of Molecular Science". The experiment found that NMN can increase the NAD+ level of the retina, activate antioxidant genes, and reduce the activation of glial cells, thereby Protects retinal function from cardiovascular disease.

The research team first performed carotid artery occlusion surgery on adult male mice, and divided the postoperative mice into two groups, one group was supplemented with NMN (500mg/kg) every day, the other group was supplemented with placebo, and a group was also set up. Normal mice were used as the experimental control group. They found that mice supplemented with NMN had significantly reduced retinal dysfunction caused by carotid artery occlusion.


(Legend: The electric wave intensity of the retinas of the three groups of mice in response to light)

Cardiovascular dysfunction and vascular occlusion are often accompanied by oxidative stress. The researchers measured NAD+ levels and oxidative stress in the retina and found that continuous supplementation of NMN could improve postoperative mice compared with postoperative mice not supplemented with NMN. The NAD+ level in the cells increased by about 30%, even higher than the NAD+ level in normal mouse cells, and NMN supplementation also activated the Nrf2 antioxidant gene.

Glial cells are widely distributed in the central nervous system. In response to injury, glial cells are activated and help recovery but promote inflammation and scar formation. The study found that NMN supplementation reduced this scarring in the retina after occlusive surgery, while also reducing signaling molecules in pro-inflammatory glial cells.


(Note: NMN may prevent the activation of glial cells)

Previous studies have shown that NMN can prevent and protect other retina-related injuries, such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, and this experiment also shows the potential of NMN in improving retinal ischemia caused by cardiovascular diseases.

Considering the differences between mice and humans, more research is needed to verify, and we look forward to new breakthroughs of NMN in retina-related damage.

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