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The Effect Of NMN On Cardiovascular And Cerebrovascular

Oct 13, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

The causes of cardiovascular diseases are very complex, and the core pathological mechanism is atherosclerosis and gradual aging of the body. The root cause is the aging of the body and the presence of metabolic abnormalities.

How to slow down the aging of the body and regulate metabolism to prevent cardiovascular diseases? In fact, the answer is hidden in everyone's body.

The effect of NMN on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

NMN is a naturally occurring endogenous substance in human body, which is indispensable for all human life activities; however, NMN cannot be regenerated in human body, and the content of NMN in human body decreases with age, which eventually leads to aging and diseases.

If the human body is a continuously operating factory, blood vessels are the transportation lines in the factory. Vascular aging is one of the direct causes of aging, and how to keep blood vessels young has become the focus of research in the field of aging inhibition. A recent study has shown that decreased levels of -----NAD+, a precursor of NMN, are an important cause of the occurrence of age-related cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

NMN allows an increase in HDL, which in turn decreases and oxidizes LDL, reduces the inflammatory response of macrophages, reduces atherosclerotic plaque formation, increases the stability of atherosclerotic plaques, and reduces plaque rupture. In addition, NMN improves the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessels, continues to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutrients, etc. effectively, and rejuvenates the body's tissues and organs.

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