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Investigation On Baking Material Of Intermediate API

Mar 11, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Baking material inspection. Some projects, because of the particularity of the product,Intermediate API often include part of the solvent in the product. The blast dryer used in the small-scale test process tends to have a better drying effect on this type of product. However,Intermediate API after switching to the pilot test, the double-cone dryer is often used. After using the double-cone dryer,Intermediate API it is often found that the double-cone has been rotated for a long time in time. During the test,Intermediate API it is often found that it is still in the water and the dissolved residue is unqualified. In some cases,Intermediate API new impurities are generated or the crystal form of API undergoes a major transformation during the baking process. Therefore,Intermediate API it is necessary to further investigate the drying process.

The author once experienced the development of a mixed crystal type project. Previously, people did it very small,Intermediate API and they could get qualified samples every time by directly using the share dryer. But after zooming in,Intermediate API it was found that it could not be reproduced. Later, it was discovered that after the amplification,Intermediate API the blast dryer was still used, and the moisture and dissolved residues were dried to a certain degree within the specified time,Intermediate API and the mixed crystal products could be stably obtained. In the process of another project,Intermediate API it experienced moisture drying to below 0.5%. After the residue and drying weight were qualified, the color of the product was often found to have a large change after storage for a period of time, and some batches did not change color. Later, Intermediate API after in-depth analysis, it was discovered that the solvent used in the recrystallization of the product must reach a certain purity before discoloration occurs.

Process verification: As a transitional stage between small-scale and scale-up production,Intermediate API the pilot-scale reaction often needs to be further optimized after obtaining relatively stable conditions. Such as dripping method,Intermediate API post-processing crystallization, extraction and so on.

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