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Product Introduction - ATP

Mar 03, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Product Introduction - ATPIn order to facilitate the absorption, transportation and elimination of the human body, most of the medicinal Adenosine Triphosphate on the market exists in the form of sodium salt, that is, disodium adenosine triphosphate (C10H14N5Na2O13P3). For ease of understanding, hereinafter collectively referred to as ATP.

Clinical application

ATP is the direct source of energy for life activities. Almost all the energy needed by the human body is provided by ATP: the beating of the heart, the movement of muscles, and various functions of various cells are derived from the energy generated by ATP. Without ATP, various organs and tissues of the human body will strike one after another, resulting in heart failure, muscle soft pain, and easy fatigue.

When ATP synthesis is insufficient, the human body will feel weak, and there will be cardiac dysfunction, muscle soreness, and limb stiffness. If the synthesis of ATP is insufficient for a long time, the tissues and organs of the body will partially or completely lose their functions. For humans, the most affected tissues and organs are the heart and skeletal muscle. Therefore, ensuring the timely synthesis of ATP in cardiac and skeletal muscle cells is an important measure to maintain cardiac and muscle function.

Application in life

ATP is ubiquitous in all living organisms and is used to store and transfer chemical energy, known as "energy currency". When the organism dies, ATP is quickly broken down under the action of intracellular enzymes. Therefore, the number of viable cells can be estimated by measuring the ATP concentration in the sample.

ATP bioluminescence is a simplified biochemical method that uses the reaction of ATP with a luciferin-luciferase complex to determine the presence or absence of ATP. This method can quantify the content of microorganisms in food raw materials, meat, aquatic products, vegetables, beverages, wine, yogurt, etc.

In addition, ATP is often used as an indicator of microbial contamination, and the detection of ATP content can directly reflect the degree of contamination. Determining the level of ATP in organisms and its dynamic changes has become an indispensable means of monitoring organisms.

Preparation of ATP

In the early days, ATP was mainly extracted from the muscle tissue of animals, and was later produced by chemical synthesis and photophosphorylation. ATP synthesis method for catalytically active substances; around the 1980s, the method of producing ATP by immobilized enzyme/cell method began to appear.

In the early 1960s, my country began to use spinach leaf photosynthetic phosphorylation and other methods to produce ATP, and the cost has been very high. At present, ATP production in the domestic market is mainly synthesized by yeast glycolysis, and a large number of discarded yeasts have relatively large pollution to the atmosphere, water source and soil environment. Gut Bio uses a new type of enzymatic technology, using adenosine as a substrate to synthesize ATP by multi-stage enzymatic reaction, which is easy to purify and greatly reduces pollution.

With the development of enzyme engineering and biochemical technology, the production of pharmaceutical products by enzymatic method using ATP as raw material has reached the scale of industrial application, and the market demand for ATP is increasing day by day.

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