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Research Results Related To NMN And COVID-19

Dec 21, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

In April of this year, Brenner, a well-known American scholar, published a review article in the sub-journal of "Nature". He believed that the infection of the new coronavirus significantly induced NAD+ consuming enzymes, depleting the level of NAD+ in cells, and maintaining high levels of inflammatory cytokines. Signs of serious illness. At the same time, Brenner also explained the situation of clinical research. Small clinical studies have found that increasing NAD+ levels can help shorten the recovery period of patients with new crowns, so supplementing NAD+ precursors may prevent and treat new crowns.

Viral infection as an NAD battlefield

Clinical Trial Results

1. Robert Hueyzanja, a well-known American "internal medicine master" and Harvard University MD, released a report: A 55-year-old severe (dyspnea, body temperature 39.4°C) patient with new coronary pneumonia received oral NMN cocktail therapy (NMN, sugar beet Alkali, zinc sulfate, sodium chloride), reversed the storm of cytokines, and the overall immune level increased by 85%. After taking the medicine for 10 days, he recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

This successful treatment can be regarded as the "pioneering father" of NMN and COVID-19 research. It fully demonstrates the therapeutic potential of NMN for COVID-19, and makes scientists realize that NMN may be an important "weapon" to prevent and treat COVID-19.

2. A number of top academic institutions such as the Swiss Royal Institute of Technology and King's College London jointly announced the results of the world's first large-scale human clinical phase 3 trial of NMN substances.

Clinical results show that after treatment, the recovery speed of COVID-19 patients has increased by 40%, and the metabolic indicators such as inflammation level and blood sugar after recovery are significantly stronger than those of ordinary people. The vast majority of patients who receive treatment can recover and be discharged within 5 days.

This clinical study has fully proved the therapeutic potential of NMN substances for the new crown with huge data.

3. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, in conjunction with Peking University and Tsinghua University, published the latest research on the new coronavirus in the international authoritative scientific journal "Cell Discovery", demonstrating the feasibility of NAD+ against the new coronavirus: "Supplementing NMN can save the NAD+ caused by the new coronavirus infection." Metabolic disorders, immune response and cell death-related gene expression disorders, inhibit cell death, and significantly improve pneumonia caused by viral infection."

4. Researchers from the Beijing Institute of Biological Sciences published an article in the top journal "Aging Cell" in the field of aging. They claimed that 200mg/kg of NMN can inhibit the infection of the new coronavirus. They found that NMN prevents the accumulation of ACE2 receptors by reducing DNA damage, and ACE2 receptors are the "key" for the new coronavirus to infect cells. Without this "key", it is naturally difficult for the new coronavirus to attack.

5. A study just published in the top journal "Nature" found that closing the ACE2 receptor in human cells can prevent new coronavirus infection. Prove again: NMN can effectively reduce the expression of ACE2.

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