Therapeutic effect of NMN on vascular disorders - Knowledge

Therapeutic effect of NMN on vascular disorders

May 10, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Another serious threat to health related to aging is cardiovascular disease (Cardiovascular diseases, CVD), which has the characteristics of high morbidity, high disability rate, and harm to a wide range of people.

These diseases are mainly due to the imbalance of the oxidative system and the antioxidant system after the aging of the body, and the accumulation of superoxide in the blood vessels causes the oxidative damage of the body. Studies by Picciotto et al. found that NMN supplementation can reduce vascular oxidative stress, improve aortic stiffness and vascular dysfunction; NMN supplementation can reduce the accumulation of collagen in the entire blood vessels, increase the accumulation of arterial elastin, reduce arteriosclerosis, and delay the progression of aging with age. Arterial aging due to growth.

Therapeutic effect of NMN on vascular disorders

NMN improves endothelial dysfunction and large elastic arteriosclerosis caused by aging mainly by increasing NAD+ bioavailability in the vasculature, restoring Sirt1 activity in arteries. NMN can also maintain glutathione and sulfur by enhancing the metabolic flux of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and electron transport chain, reducing the accumulation of reactive oxygen species in cells, and increasing NADPH (reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleoside phosphate) levels Redox protein antioxidant system.

In addition, NMN can also improve lipid distribution in plasma and maintain blood sugar levels, thereby improving vascular function.

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