Medicinal Applications Of Carnosine suppliers & manufacturers in China
Medicinal Applications Of Carnosine suppliers & manufacturers in China

Medicinal Applications Of Carnosine



CAS NO.:305-84-0


Glutathione bulk powder raw material - NMN suppliers & manufacturers in China.


L-Carnosine is a dipeptide composed of two amino acids, β-alanine and L-histidine, and is a crystalline solid. Muscle and brain tissue contain very high concentrations of carnosine.






White powder



Heavy metals

Not more than 10 ppm

Loss on drying

Not more than1%


Raw material、medicine

Shelf Life

24 months when properly stored

Carnosine has been shown to scavenge reactive oxygen radicals (ROS) and alpha-beta unsaturated aldehydes formed during oxidative stress by overoxidizing fatty acids in cell membranes.

Carnosine is a bioactive peptide that has the functions of buffering, adjusting the human body, scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and preventing metabolic disorders.

Carnosine can be made into injections in clinical practice, such as cerebroside carnosine, which can treat brain nerve damage. Carnosine has a neuromodulatory effect, and the most important neuropeptide in the body plays an important role in controlling the dynamic balance of cells and stabilizing cell membranes.

Carnosine can also resist fatigue, correct the energy metabolism disorder of the human body by scavenging oxygen free radicals, protect the gastric mucosa, and have the effect of treating sub-health.

Carnosine has immunomodulatory function, and is the only physiologically active substance for immunomodulation discovered so far. It has been widely used in the treatment of various immune diseases and diseases caused by abnormal immunity, such as serum diseases, lupus erythematosus and various types of rheumatism. sick. In addition, carnosine has a certain therapeutic effect on wound healing, early senile cataract, immature cataract, liver disorder, myocardial insufficiency and other diseases.

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