The Effects Of NMN Supplementation in Humans suppliers & manufacturers in China
The Effects Of NMN Supplementation in Humans suppliers & manufacturers in China

The Effects Of NMN Supplementation in Humans



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Glutathione bulk powder raw material - NMN suppliers & manufacturers in China.


NMN is known as β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, which is the precursor of NAD+ (i.e. Coenzyme I).

NMN (2)

A large number of authoritative studies and experimental reports show that NMN has an all-round effect on human body functions, and can promote alcohol metabolism, enhance the tolerance of human body to alcohol, and to a certain extent play a role in relieving alcohol and protecting the liver.

NMN can effectively increase the level of NAD+, improve immunity, strengthen human cell function, activate and repair longevity gene protein, significantly improve various chronic symptoms caused by aging, prevent and inhibit the occurrence of diseases, supplementation of NMN can obviously feel the following effects.

1. improve sleep; 2. anti-fatigue; 3. improve cardiopulmonary function.

As a precursor of NAD+, NMN functions through NAD+, which is closely related to immunity and metabolism.

1.NAD (i.e. coenzyme I)+ and its importance

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or coenzyme I for short, which exists in every cell of human body and is a key metabolite and coenzyme of many metabolic pathways, mediating participation in numerous biological processes as the only substance that can be utilized, with over 300 enzymes depending on NAD+ in order to work.

On one hand NAD+ helps convert food into energy, on the other hand it plays a crucial role in maintaining DNA integrity and ensuring proper cellular function to protect the body from aging and disease.   

2. NAD+ decays with age

NAD+ is present in all living cells and is essential for regulating cellular aging and maintaining normal body function. Over time, NAD+ levels in humans and animals decline significantly.

3. Health effects of NAD+ deficiency

Especially after reaching the age of 60, the amount of coenzyme I (NAD+) in the human body decreases dramatically, which triggers various aging symptoms in the body, such as memory loss, weakened cardiovascular function, low immunity, poor sleep quality, decreased energy, constipation, hair loss and loss of appetite, etc. It is extremely important to maintain or increase NAD+ levels.

4. NAD+ supplementation methods and effects

The way to supplement NAD+ is mainly from three aspects.

a. Exercise, exercise is good for maintaining and increasing NAD+ levels, but the effect is more limited.

b. Diet, the amount in food is extremely small and difficult to meet the body's needs.

c. NMN supplementation is currently the most direct and effective way to increase NAD+.

-Why not supplement NAD+ directly? The reason is that NAD+ has a large molecular weight and will be broken down by oral administration, while injection cannot cross the cell membrane and enter the inside of the cell, which will not produce the effect.

-More NAD+ precursors, why is NMN the best?

Compared with other supplementation methods, NMN bypasses the bottleneck of NAMPT rate-limiting enzyme and can rapidly replenish NAD+ in the body, which is the best and most direct way to replenish NAD+.

NR can be converted to NMN, but the effect of direct NR supplementation is not sufficient, because NR is converted more by nicotinamide than by NMN, and it cannot be reversed by the rate-limiting enzyme.

In recent years, scientists have made tremendous breakthroughs in the fight against aging, especially in the study of NAD+, a key molecular substance that slows human aging and improves health.

NMN supplementation is essential for most people to improve their body functions.

Strictly speaking, NMN is more suitable for people over 45 years old, or for people with poor sleep quality, poor energy, high exercise and fatigue.

NMN is more of a dietary supplement, not a substitute for medication. Patients with diseases are advised to consult and refer to their doctors before taking it.

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