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NMN may reduce chemotherapy side effects

May 10, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Cancer has always been one of the greatest threats to human health. In order to treat cancer or slow down the development of its symptoms, doctors often choose to take a multi-measure approach. However, many chemotherapy drugs have obvious side effects, such as the common chemotherapy drug doxorubicin (Doxo). Like many chemotherapy drugs, Doxo will have obvious side effects when the dose is relatively large, and it will have a huge impact on the heart muscle and skeletal muscle. stress, which greatly limits its role in the fight against cancer.

Recently, the Buck Institute published such a paper in the top international journal "Cell", which proved that NMN can reduce the heart and systemic dysfunction caused by doxorubicin, and reduce the side effects caused by doxorubicin chemotherapy. increase the patient's chances of survival.

In order to comprehensively evaluate the effect of NMN on doxorubicin, the researchers used two methods: the curative effect under acute and chronic treatment.

In the acute treatment, the researchers chose to inject 20 mh/kg of doxorubicin to the mice, and within five days of the injection of doxorubicin, the researchers then injected the mice with 180 mg/kg of NMN.

In the acute treatment study, after the 5th day of injection, the survival rate of the mice in the Doxo group was significantly reduced, and the mortality rate was as high as 52%. In the Doxo+NMN group, the survival rate of the mice was as high as 80%, indicating that NMN can indeed significantly improve the decline in the survival rate caused by Doxo treatment.


Figure: Mouse Survival Rate

In the actual NMN treatment, NMN significantly reduced the heart rate drop, weight loss, and ejection fraction drop caused by Doxo, and improved heart function to a certain extent.

In chronic treatment, the mice were injected with a certain amount of doxorubicin within five days, accumulatively 20 mg/kg, and then 500 mg/kg orally per day within 5 days before and 60 days after the first injection of doxorubicin NMN.

In the subsequent chronic experiment, the researchers measured the same indicators as in the acute study and found that the survival rate of the mice was only 70.4% 60 days after the injection. And the mice in the Doxo group were 89.3. And after comparing the body weight change data of the two, it was confirmed that NMN has the effect of alleviating Doxo-induced weight loss.

And similar to acute treatment, in chronic treatment, Doxo-induced gene expression differences will be relatively small, mainly resulting in adverse effects such as mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA damage and apoptosis. But the same thing is that NMN has a certain therapeutic effect on them.

The main significance of this study is to confirm that NMN can effectively reduce doxorubicin-induced body damage, and this effect can play a role in both chronic and acute doxorubicin treatment.

*Disclaimer: The content of this article is only for information and cannot replace the doctor's treatment diagnosis and advice. Always consult your healthcare provider for a diagnosis, accurate medical information, and clearance before taking any supplement.

Reference: Margier, M., Kuehnemann, C., Hulo, N., Morales, J., Ashok Kumaar, P. V., Cros, C., ... & Grozio, A. (2023). Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Administration Prevents Doxorubicin- Induced Cardiotoxicity and Loss in Physical Activity in Mice. Cells, 12(1), 108.

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