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Advantages Of Enzymatic Production Of Glutathione

Mar 17, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Advantages of enzymatic production of glutathione

1. The reaction speed is fast and the production cycle is short: the enzymatic reaction is completed within 1 day, the fermentation method is at least 5 days, and the period cannot be interrupted

2. Low energy consumption and low cost: ATP is renewable, less time-consuming, and low in energy, raw material and labor costs

3. Green and environmental protection, in line with national development requirements: zero addition of heavy metals and toxic gases (except alcohol used in the crystallization process), sewage treatment is better than fermentation, and it is an uncompromising green process

4. High yield and easy purification: the enzymatic reaction yields 30-50g/L, and the fermentation method produces a maximum yield of about 10g/L; the enzymatic reaction components are determined and easy to purify; the fermentation product has complex components, and purification requires the use of toxic substances

Advantages Of Enzymatic Production Of Glutathione

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