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NMN Has A Positive Effect On Improving Osteoporosis And Obesity

Aug 09, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

NMN is a precursor to the important coenzyme NAD+ in cells, which regulates hundreds of physiological responses related to metabolism and repair in cells. The scientists' experiments showed that aged animals had been supplemented with NMN, and NAD levels decreased with increasing body age. After supplementing NMN into the NMN needed by the human body, it can achieve the effect of reversing aging and prolonging the service life.

The study found that NMN promoted the differentiation of MSCs into osteoblasts, thereby inhibiting the differentiation of MSCs into adipocytes.

NMN Has A Positive Effect On Improving Osteoporosis And Obesity

In the aged body, due to the imbalance of energy metabolism of MSCs cells, the balance between bone formation and adipocyte differentiation is disrupted. Therefore, the scientists further studied the effect of NMN on aged mice and found that NMN promoted the increase of bone density and reduced the formation of fat in aged mice. The experimental results show that NMN has a positive effect on improving osteoporosis and obesity.

NMN reduces femoral fat formation in aged mice. The researchers also used NMN in mice exposed to radiation and found that NMN supplementation also stimulated osteogenic differentiation of MSCs in the bone marrow of irradiated mice and reduced adipogenic formation. NMN is also protective against radiation-induced bone damage.

In addition, the protective effects of NMN on the heart, liver, kidney, blood vessels, and nerves are related to the supplementation of NAD+ by NMN and the up-regulation of SIRT1. The longevity gene SIRT1 adds more of the protein SIRT1. This study also found that the mechanism by which NMN stimulated the expansion and differentiation of MSCs was also related to the up-regulation of SIRT1 by NMN, especially in aged mice, and the effect of NMN supplementation on improving bone health was more pronounced than in young mice.

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