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Say Goodbye To Insomnia, 478 Breathing Method Relaxes The Body And Sleeps Well!

Dec 07, 2021 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Tossing around all night, why can't you fall asleep? Sleep problems have seriously affected the quality of life of many people. It is not only a problem for middle-aged and elderly people, but in fact, young people are increasingly suffering from insomnia. Most of the insomnia in young people are related to stress, because they think a lot before going to bed, which makes falling asleep more difficult. Here is a way to help you sleep, called "478 breathing method", as long as you follow it, you can effectively help you fall asleep.

What is 478 breathing method?

The 478 breathing method was promoted by Andrew Weil, a doctor of medicine at Harvard University and the best-selling author of the book. This method was also reported on the website of Time magazine. The principle is that when stress and anxiety make it difficult for the human body to fall asleep, you can go the other way, using gentle and long breathing to adjust the rapid or short breath caused by stress and anxiety, so that people can enter In a relaxed state, it is easy to fall asleep.

478 Breathing

Step 1: First put the tip of the tongue against the upper jaw, and exhale all the air from the mouth;

Step 2: Breathe slowly through your nose, count 4 seconds in silence, hold your breath for 7 seconds;

Step 3: Finally, slowly exhale all the air from your mouth, and count for 8 seconds in silence.

These 3 steps are one cycle and can be completed in about 1 minute. It is recommended to do at least 4 cycles per day.


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