Skin Care Ingredient Coenzyme Q10 suppliers & manufacturers in China
Skin Care Ingredient Coenzyme Q10 suppliers & manufacturers in China

Skin Care Ingredient Coenzyme Q10



CAS NO.:303-98-0


Glutathione bulk powder raw material - NMN suppliers & manufacturers in China.


As a natural nutrient, coenzyme Q10 (CoenzymeQ10, CoQ10) is widely present, especially in the heart, pancreas, liver, and kidney. It is very important for maintaining the normal function of various organs. For the skin, it has antioxidant properties, improves mitochondrial function, maintains It can repair the epidermis, inhibit melanin synthesis (whitening), promote collagen synthesis, reduce collagen damage, reduce light damage, etc. It is a very mild, safe, efficient and multi-functional skin care ingredient.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10(C59H90O4)




Yellow to orange-yellow powder



Loss on drying

Not more than 1%

Heavy Metal

Not more than 10ppm


Raw material、medicine

Shelf Life

24 months when properly stored.

Antioxidant and improve mitochondrial function: Studies have shown that CoQ10 can prevent reactive oxygen species-induced cell death and promote the synthesis of basement membrane components in epidermal and dermal cells. Coenzyme Q10 can reverse the signs of senescent cells cultured in vitro.

Improve the dermis and enhance the vitality of fibroblasts: Whether the dermis is full or not depends on the main cells of the dermis - fibroblasts. It includes not only its quantity, but also its vitality, ability to secrete collagen, elastic fibers, etc., as well as enzymes that degrade collagen (especially matrix metalloproteinases, or MMP-1). Coenzyme Q10 can not only reduce exogenous photoaging, but also inhibit endogenous aging.

Repair and maintain epidermis: With the increase of coenzyme Q10 concentration, the number and thickness of epidermal cells per unit area and the expression of filaggrin will increase, suggesting that Q10 helps to repair and maintain the skin barrier.

Inhibition of melanin synthesis: Melanin synthesis is affected by factors such as light, endocrine (especially α-melanocyte stimulating hormone, or α-MSH). Studies have found that coenzyme Q10 can reduce UVA-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) and inhibit the production of α-MSH in HaCaT cells.

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