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Anti-aging potential of NMN

Oct 19, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

As the precursor of the high-profile longevity molecule NAD+, consumer demand for NMN has been increasing in recent years. Not only that, anti-aging people are also paying more and more attention to NMN experiments.


A clinical study confirmed the safety and effectiveness of oral supplementation of NMN for humans, which was published in the journal GeroScience in December 2022.

In this clinical trial, the researchers selected 80 middle-aged people aged 40-65 as subjects.

They were evenly divided into 4 groups, and they were given 0, 300, 600, and 900 mg of NMN orally every day. The trial lasted for a total of 60 days. The researchers used a series of methods such as blood NAD+ level detection and 6-minute walking test to observe the changes before and after the subjects supplemented NMN.

The results showed that oral administration of NMN could significantly increase the NAD+ level in the blood, but there was no significant difference in the improvement effect between doses of 600mg/day and 900mg/day.

And the subjects still had no adverse reactions at the large dose of 900mg.

A Japanese study showed that after healthy adults took 1,250 mg of NMN orally once a day for 4 weeks, all physical indicators were within the normal range and no adverse reactions occurred.

This research was published in Scientific Reports, a journal of Nature, in August 2022.

The subjects in this study were healthy men and women around 35 years old. They were divided into the NMN group (16 people) and the placebo group (15 people) under double-blind conditions.

Among them, the NMN group needs to take 200mL of potion at one time every day, in which 1250mg of NMN is dissolved, as well as excipients such as dextrin, maltitol and flavor substances; while the placebo group needs to take the same amount of placebo potion with only excipients.

The duration of the experiment was 4 weeks. Two weeks after the end of the experiment, that is, at the 6th week, the subjects received an additional blood test to evaluate the subsequent effects of stopping taking NMN.

The results showed that oral administration of 1,250 mg/day of NMN did not cause adverse reactions in the subjects, and there were no abnormalities in the basic indicators in their blood, with no significant changes from before the start of the experiment.

Relevant human clinical trials have confirmed that NMN has beneficial effects on the body and metabolism of the elderly. The researchers said: "Current human clinical trial results show that oral administration of NMN is generally safe. Although only a limited number of indicators have been studied, the results show that NMN has the potential as an anti-aging agent."

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