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Antioxidant Effect of Active Peptide Glutathione

Jun 13, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Glutathione (GSH), a tripeptide composed of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine, can be synthesized by all organs.


As a coenzyme of specific enzymes, GSH has the functions of scavenging free radicals, modifying proteins, protecting proteins and enzymes containing sulfhydryl groups in cell membranes from oxidation, catalyzing disulfide bond exchange reactions, and signal transduction.

GSH is a strong antioxidant in the body, which has a good effect on eliminating free radicals. It is the compound with the highest number of sulfhydryl groups and the largest amount among the non-protein sulfhydryl compounds contained in the body. Thiol can scavenge a variety of free radicals, participate in cell defense mechanisms, including cell detoxification and cell damage and repair, and play a key role in maintaining the stability of the body's internal environment.

GSH can be used as the substrate of GSH peroxidase to inhibit lipid peroxidation, protect cell membrane and restore cell function. It can protect the activity of thiol-containing enzymes (such as ATPase) in cells, restore the activity and function of sulfhydryl groups in damaged enzyme molecules, prevent denaturation of proteins (such as hemoglobin) caused by sulfhydryl oxidation, and reduce the attack of free radicals on DNA. Thereby reducing DNA damage and mutation.

GSH can play a strong protective role against symptoms such as radiation, radiopharmaceuticals, and antitumor drug-induced blood cell reduction.

GSH can also correct the imbalance of acetylcholine and cholinesterase, play an anti-allergic effect, relieve discomfort caused by hypoxemia, nausea, and liver disease, inhibit alcohol from invading the liver to produce fatty liver, and prevent skin pigmentation Deposition, improve skin luster, improve sexual function and treat corneal diseases.

Reduced GSH can prevent stomatitis caused by radiotherapy, and can also be used after chemotherapy and tumor embolization to protect the liver. For acute liver and kidney damage, even liver and kidney dysfunction, GSH has a good curative effect.

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