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Antioxidant and anti-aging effect of glutathione

May 11, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Glutathione is a sulfhydryl-containing antioxidant that can remove free radicals that affect human health. Modern medicine believes that free radicals are one of the main causes of aging and disease. Glutathione is the most abundant and most important in the antioxidant system of human cells. Glutathione is the main force for scavenging free radicals. It is known as "master antioxidant" and "glutathione defense system" by scientists. . Glutathione not only directly participates in scavenging free radicals, but also regulates external antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, keeping them active (reduced) state.

Free radicals are a kind of highly chemically active intermediate substances produced in the process of human cell metabolism. They can attack proteins, DNA and lipid macromolecules in cell membranes, destroy the physiological functions of these biological macromolecules, and make cell membranes hard and brittle. Loss of function, shortening the lifespan of cells; can lead to the formation of gaps in the cell membrane, allowing pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc. to invade cells, further destroying the nuclear membrane, exposing genetic material, causing damage to genetic material, causing mutation and destruction; aggravating immune cell damage , so that the damaged body, low immunity, and many diseases are more likely to occur.

In 1956, Professor Harman first proposed the theory of free radicals. He found that fishermen who worked under strong sunlight for a long time had a shorter lifespan. Further research proved that ultraviolet rays can stimulate the production of free radicals in the body, and free radicals can promote the aging of the physiological cycle and premature death arrival.

Under normal conditions, glutathione in human cells can combine with free radicals produced in the process of human metabolism in time, transform them into low-activity substances, and eliminate the damage of free radicals to the human body.

However, as people grow older, the body's own ability to produce glutathione becomes weaker, and the amount of glutathione produced is insufficient to remove free radicals in the body in time, and the excess free radicals begin to damage biological substances in cells. Macromolecular substances, cell functions are affected, the human body begins to age, and diseases begin to increase;


In addition, some external factors: such as ultraviolet radiation, drinking, smoking, environmental pollution, certain drugs, etc., will also cause excessive free radicals in the human body, which will increase the demand for glutathione in the human body. Once glutathione is supplied Insufficient, excess free radicals will damage people's health and affect people's life span.

The most direct manifestation of human aging is from the appearance. The external manifestations are sagging skin, lack of luster, and pigmentation, while the internal changes are caused by the accelerated aging of cells, the weakening of regeneration ability, and the deposition of pigment. .

Glutathione can effectively delay cell aging and accelerate cell regeneration. At the same time, glutathione can also affect skin cell tyrosinase activity, inhibit melanin production, and prevent skin pigmentation.

Aging of the human body: Aging is an inevitable law in the development of human life. Generally, people begin to age after they reach the age of thirty.

① Glutathione can increase or promote the secretion of interleukin (human growth hormone). Interkines can regulate and slow down the shortening of telomeres, prolong the lifespan of cells, and thus prolong human lifespan.

② Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that can resist the damage of free radicals to DNA mitochondria and repair damaged DNA mitochondria; thus prolonging the cell division cycle and cell life.

③ Increase the level of glutathione, neutralize and scavenge free radicals, enhance the glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation process of sugar, and at the same time inhibit the glycation of protein and fat, alleviate gluconeogenesis, and make protein unchanged.

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