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Citicoline Improves Brain Cell Energy Metabolism

Sep 06, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

As we enter our 30s and 40s, our brains begin to shrink, and this shrinkage increases rapidly by age 60. Reductions in brain tissue mass and volume can lead to changes in areas associated with learning, memory, and other complex mental activities.

These physical and structural changes include:

1. Reduced brain capacity

As you age, your brain shrinks—especially the frontal lobe and hippocampus, which are responsible for cognitive functions like thinking, learning, and memory.

2. The connection of neurons is reduced

The connections between your neurons also weaken with age, which can affect changes in your memory and function.

3. Communication between neurons slows down

Another culprit in cognitive slowing: changes in myelinated nerve fibers. The long branches of neurons are wrapped in sheaths of protein and fat that facilitate the flow of electrical impulses in and out of nerve cells; when these fibers change, your thinking may not be as fast as it was in your youth.

4. Neurotransmitters are destroyed

Neurotransmitters are how your brain cells communicate; as you age, your brain produces varying levels of these brain chemicals, affecting cognitive function.

Citicoline is a drug that nourishes brain cells. The main mechanism of action of this drug is to effectively improve the energy metabolism of brain cells, make the blood flow smoother, and then enter the cells with more nutrients. a bit more.


In addition, substances such as choline can stimulate the reticular structure of the brain, and repair the damaged cells, so as to reduce the apoptosis of brain cells, and the reduction of brain cell death will naturally lead to the development of brain atrophy. There is a certain slowdown problem.

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