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Cognitive protective nerve component citicoline raw material

Jun 30, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Citicoline is a single nucleotide composed of nucleic acid, cytosine, pyrophosphate and choline, which is mainly used clinically to treat a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, etc. Studies have also shown that citicoline can increase the brain's uptake of dopamine and glutamate, thereby improving cognitive performance.

Citicoline can also reduce the release of free fatty acids and restore the activity of mitochondrial ATPase and cell membrane Na+/K+ATPase, thereby alleviating brain damage. However, the pathophysiological mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases is very complex, involving the lack of cholinergic, excitotoxicity of glutamate, neuroinflammation, immune disorders, decreased glucose metabolism and the destruction of the blood-brain barrier.


1.The function and mechanism of citicoline

Citicoline can stabilize the cell membrane by stimulating S-adenosyl-L-methionine, increase the dendritic complexity and spine density of the motor neuron structure, improve the plasticity of the nerve in the non-damaged area, and promote function recover.

Citicoline can reduce the level of water-soluble phospholipids by up-regulating phosphorylcholine cytidyltransferase (CCT), and inhibiting the activity of secretory phospholipase A2 (PLA2) or by inhibiting TNF-a/IL-1b , Inhibit the activation of PLA2, reduce the loss of phospholipids, thereby increasing the synthesis of phospholipids, and repairing nerve cell membranes.

Citicoline can also increase the expression of anti-apoptotic factors such as Bcl-2 and inhibit the release of glutamate to reduce cytotoxicity.

Citicoline can promote the rapid repair of damaged cell surfaces and mitochondrial membranes, maintain cell compactness and biological functions, and reduce the release of free fatty acids, thereby reducing the production of toxic oxygenated metabolites and free radicals.

Citicoline increases vasopressin and plasma epinephrine levels and stimulates the release of growth hormone, thyrotropin, and luteinizing hormone.

2.Three major preparation routes of citicoline

There are many preparation methods of Citicoline Sodium, mainly three ways.

One is microbial fermentation. This method has problems such as low product concentration and unstable yield.

One is organic chemical synthesis. This method has problems such as difficult separation of the product from the condensing agent, unsuitability for medicinal use, low reaction conversion rate, many by-products, high cost, and serious environmental pollution.

There is also an enzymatic synthesis method, such as using microorganisms such as brewer's yeast mud for biosynthesis. The free beer yeast mud cells are used for enzymatic synthesis, and the process is simple, the conversion rate is high, and the cost is low. The production process of Citicoline Sodium synthesized by enzymatic synthesis can be divided into two parts: enzymatic synthesis process and extraction and purification process.

3.90% bioavailability & 1% excretion rate

Oral administration can be rapidly absorbed, hydrolyzed into choline and cytosine in the intestine and liver, the latter two enter the blood circulation system, cross the blood-brain barrier, and recombine into citicoline in the central nervous system, 80% of the central nervous system % Phospholipid Synthesis Influenced by Intracellular Citicoline Concentration.

Additionally, citicoline can be converted to acetylcholine in the central nervous system and oxidized to betaine in the kidneys and liver. Citicoline has good water solubility and bioavailability as high as 90%, and less than 1% is excreted in feces after oral administration. There are 2 absorption peaks in plasma, which are 1 hour and 24 hours after ingestion.

In a rat model, 10 hours after ingestion of radiolabeled citicoline, its levels were steadily increased in the brain and widely distributed in the white and gray matter of the brain. It still maintains a high concentration at 48 hours, and its elimination is very slow, and only a small amount is excreted through urine, feces and breathing every day. Exogenous intake of citicoline can promote rapid repair of damaged cell surfaces and mitochondrial membranes, maintain cell integrity and biological performance, and inhibit cell apoptosis and death.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in October 2013, the European Food Safety Authority issued a scientific opinion on the safety of citicoline as a new food ingredient: citicoline can be used as a food supplement for middle-aged and elderly people, and the maximum dosage is 500mg/day; the maximum dosage for food for special nutritional purposes is 250mg/serving; but not suitable for children. Finally, the food safety conclusion is given. According to the proposed application range and dosage, citicoline is safe as a new food ingredient.

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