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NMN prevents damage from air pollution

Aug 31, 2023 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

Research published by Sun Yat-sen University in "Environmental Health Perspectives" in 2023 showed that exposure and inhalation of PM air pollutants can lead to reduced NAD+ levels, inflammation and lung damage. Supplementing NAD+ precursor NMN can prevent lung damage and inflammation in mice.


PM (particulate matter) is an indicator used to monitor air pollutants. The PM2.5 we are familiar with is fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less, which is less than one-twentieth the size of a hair, and particles with a diameter of 10 microns or less are called PM10, both of which are respirable particles.

In our living environment, car exhaust, factory smoke, etc. will cause pollutants in the form of a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets suspended in the air. Inhaling a large amount of these pollutants will not only cause damage to the lungs, but also cause damage to other organs after long-term accumulation, and will endanger the cardiovascular system and immune function.

The researchers placed mice in a room with high PM content for 16 weeks and measured NAD+ levels in different tissues. Significant decreases in NAD+ levels were found in multiple organs, with a 39.86% drop in the lungs, a 37.28% drop in the liver, and a 41.2% drop in the spleen, suggesting that the harmful effects of PM exposure are at least partly attributable to lower NAD+ level.

If mice were supplemented with NMN (500 mg/kg/day for a total of 18 weeks) 2 weeks before PM exposure, NMN was found to prevent PM exposure-induced lung injury.

The researchers further demonstrated that NMN reduces PM-induced lung injury by reducing inflammation: PM exposure more than doubled the plasma inflammatory protein TNF-ɑ levels, while NMN halved elevated TNF-ɑ levels.

These results indicate that NAD+ levels decrease significantly after long-term exposure to PM, which often triggers inflammation. Inflammation can lead to damage to the lungs and other tissues. NMN can reduce these injuries by reducing inflammation.

Previous studies have also confirmed this conclusion: in silicosis caused by inhalation of silica, NMN alleviates lung damage, reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxidative stress, and increases glutathione, which has antioxidant effects. level.

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