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NMN Reverses Localized Skin Aging

Sep 07, 2022 / Author: China Glutathione suppliers & NMN manufacturers

As we age, our bodies suffer from oxidative damage, and the first place to show signs of aging is the skin. The Chinese research team published an article in the medical journal "Int Immunopharmacol", saying that NMN can improve skin immune and metabolic dysfunction caused by inflammation, and reverse local skin aging.

Pgc-la controls epidermal stem cell fateand skin repair by sustaining NADhomeostasis during aging

After two weeks of 5% NMN treatment in inflammation-induced mice, the research team found that NMN can effectively remove aging skin by synthesizing NAD+, improving mitochondrial production efficiency, increasing the expression of skin barrier genes and the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes-related proteins ROS in cells.

In addition, NMN was also found to directly inhibit the expression of pro-inflammatory signaling factors TNF-α and IFN-γ, and block the activation of ROS-induced inflammatory pathways (JAK2/STAT5).


NMN effectively alleviates skin aging in mice (left: control group; middle: aging group; right: NMN treatment group)

NMN takes a two-pronged approach to improve the endogenous antioxidant level of skin cells while reducing the root cause of cell inflammation, successfully maintaining the healthy lifespan of skin cells.

Coincidentally, two days after the article was published, the American research team published an article in "Molecular Metabolism", an authoritative journal of molecular biology, and found that increasing the content of NAD+ can promote the development of epidermal stem cells, reduce cellular inflammation, and reverse the epidermal cells caused by aging. Decreased differentiation, proliferation and slow wound healing issues.


The research team smeared NAD+ precursors on aged mice lacking the Pgc-1α (regulatory body metabolism) factor. After 21 days, through the determination of genes and proteomes, it was found that NAD+ acts as a substrate for DNA repair enzymes, which can reduce epidermal growth. Risk of DNA damage in cells, thereby maintaining telomere length.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide ameliorates DNFB-induced atopic dermatitis-like symptoms in mice byblocking activation of ROS-mediated JAK2/STAT5signaling pathway

Visualization of injured skin in aged and young mice after NAD+ precursor action

In addition, the increase of NAD+ content can also promote the expression of Pgc-1α, resulting in the improvement of metabolic capacity, effectively reducing the transduction of aging-related p53 and p21 signaling pathways, and promoting the growth and development of epidermal stem cells.

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